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Monkey Grips soft grips protector (Pink/Lime)

Monkey Grips soft grips protector (Pink/Lime)

$ 6.99



Monkey Grip pads

Made with reinforced anti-slip rubber foam, Monkey Grip pads are designed to maintain maximum grip while protecting hands from calluses, blisters, and tears during grip-intensive exercises (i.e. pull-ups, deadlifts, kettlebells, barbell and dumbbell movements).

This new patent pending design combines the feature of the finger-opening placement of leather grips with the simplicity of rubber lifting pads which allows various methods of wearing it! It simply prevents the grips from falling out of your hands when completing your reps.

Quickly slip them on when you need them or put them in your pocket when you don't! Monkey Grip ensures a more comfortable grip that will enable you to hit those extra reps that you couldn't before!


Innovative: Single hole design keeps the pads in place when dropping off of the rig or releasing the bar, while also providing protection to the rest of the hand. One size fits all. No need to measure the hand.

Low profile: Sleek and discreet design makes it look like you're not wearing anything. Also, it comfortably fits in your pocket when you don't need them.

Simple: No special instructions or velcro to fumble with. Simply slip it on and off the fingers for fast application and transition between movements.

Comfortable: The soft, compressible material is more gentle on the hands than any other material.  No uncomfortable velcro, wraps, or tape.

Versatile: Use for any grip-intensive exercises. Ideal for gymnastics and lifting movements.

Durable: Internal thread matrix increases longevity. Guaranteed to last longer than other single-use tape products that are of similar prices.


  • Color: Black base with single sided white/pink logos

  • Size:  One size fits all. Multi-method wear. Just slip over preferred finger

  • Shipping: Free U.S. shipping. ETA 2-4 business days

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