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Cross Training & Fitness WOD and Weight Lifting Belts free shipping compare Rogue OUTLET

$ 9.99


UNBROKEN Weigh Lifting Flat Nylon Webbing Belts


  • 1cm thicknesses (3 webbing layer) x 4 inches wide
  • Specially designed for WOD, High intensity and funcional movements ,This belt is great for WOD and PR on the same time.

SIMPLE: Strong support and quit adjustable for exercises transitions.  

Don't sacrifice support for comfort, this belt will give you both, the best support into your lower back, hips and abdominals,plus easy and fast to tight it and loose it.


There is not other belts specially designed for WOD this triple layer NYLON with Velcro Belt is unique, because even in the WOD you go heavy, so you need a a strong Belt, but after your squad, death lift, snatch or clean just quickly loosing the Velcro you will be able to go for burpees or muscle ups without loosing time fighting with any buckle, so you can keep the belt during the whole WOD.


Unbroken belts will give you a strongest support than any other nylon belt in the market and the versatility to don't take it off on the transsition for gymnastic movement or running because you can easily adjust it. 


Perfect for WOD with Oly Weight Lifting and it will not butter you during gymnastic movement or running as well.


Unbroken belt is strong as the belts with buckle, upgrade it without the hustle to fight with the buckle to adjust or take it off, this is overlap in the front and with industrial Velcro for strong support.



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