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Pro Speed Jump Rope
 jump rope aluminum crossfit
Pro Speed Jump Rope
Pro Speed Jump Rope
 crossfit jump rope aluminum
Pro Speed Jump Rope
Pro Speed Jump Rope
Pro Speed Jump Rope

Pro Speed Jump Rope

$ 49.99


Recommended for Cross Training & Fitness, Double-unders, boxing, fitness & functional training.

● You'll need your own speed jump rope to consistently perform double-unders and singles with ease.

● This jump rope has a precision-designed ball and bearings for a high level of control and speed to improve your workout.

● This is perfect for every athlete who wants a more consistent double and single-unders.

● This premium jump rope was designed by athletes using a combination of science and years of experience. It even includes aluminum handles with a perfect length and balance for an ideal grip.

● As athletes, we know what you need, and have built this jump rope with the strongest, highest quality materials possible.

● The premium features make it a little more expensive, but as always, our gear comes with a 100% get your money-back guarantee.



● QUIK SETUP - Adjust the cable length faster and you're good to go!

● DOUBLE UNDERS - This jump rope will make life easier for anyone struggling to do their double-unders and singles.

● HANDLES- aluminum handles with an engraved grip to keep it in place during the workout, even when your palms are sweaty.

● HANDLE HEAD - Quality steel designed for durability with built-in speed bearings for fast rotation.

● CABLES - PVC Coated 2.5mm wire that comes with one additional PVC tube to add weight protect it when outside of the gym floor.

● BEARINGS- Made with quality metal that provides better performance at high speeds. A High-Quality bearing is key to keeping the wire going for a longer time.

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