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Be part of this community

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Posted on marzo 04 2020

Be part of this community

Why do we go to the gym? Is it to exercise? To make friends? To be part of a community? Whatever reasons we have for going to the gym, we end up observing our peers and sharing experiences with them. Along the way, we end up realizing that we are part of a large community.

Regardless of if they're your friends or just acquaintances, we see them daily and know that our teammates in the box will be working out with us every day. As much as we try, some situations can prevent us from continuing to see our teammates daily.

Cross Training and fitness

What do we do when we notice that one of our teammates that have been at the gym every day for years starts to come less often, or stops coming to the gym altogether.

How should we react in this situation? We might start to appreciate the enthusiasm and energy that they added to the gym. Maybe we'd just wonder why a good athlete decided to leave the gym, even though we know nothing about them.

What happened to them? Did they just go to another gym? Did they give up cross-training? Did they move away? While we want to assume that what happened was for the best, that isn't always the case.

If we don't reach out to them and ask, we'll never know what happened. It could be very helpful for us too if they're having any problem that has led to their absence from the box.

Cross Training and Fitness

You can reach out to them by sending a text message or through social networks such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. You could ask what's going on, why they haven't gone to the gym, and if there's anything you could do to help. It's always important to have kept contact with your teammates from the gym.

The gym has the potential to be a great community. From the outside, it might seem like just a group of people who only go to workout, but there's more to it. All the participants in my gym are very willing to help each other, and I'm willing to bet its the same in countless gyms around the world.

When a friend of mine from the gym passed away I realized that my gym community was not just a group of people who exercised at the same place, it was a very supportive community. This was demonstrated by the support provided to my deceased friend's wife. In times of sadness, the entire box community joins together and helps the person who needs it most.

It's surprising how much those who may seem distant to us can help during moments of suffering where we require support. Your image of the gym community can change as you begin to notice you and your teammates growing closer together.


We should appreciate these groups that help motivate us during workouts and push our limits. Encouragement from your teammates can help you lift more weights and achieve your goals. T, encourages you during good times and would do the same in a heartbeat during bad times when you need it most.

The cross-training community can become a great source of support through periods of joy and sorrow for anyone.  It could be helpful for anyone to get more involved with the people they have in the box with them!

A lot of times, we don't even exchange phone numbers with those we workout with, but its good to have a way to contact your gym partners just in case. That way if your teammate needs help,void the stress of not knowing what happened to your partner when they suddenly aren't at the gym anymore.

This also opens the door for you to see them outside of the gym! We can bond a lot with people when we exercise together, so why not let that bond grow even further?

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It's important to be there for someone during bad times but why not be there the entire time instead? Every time you put in the effort to talk to someone, your friendship gets stronger. Try to learn a little more about your teammates, you might be surprised by how well you get along. Celebrate with your friends as much as you can!

Enjoy each other while you can because you never know when someone will have to move houses, jobs or even gyms.

What do you think of this blog? Do you agree that it's important to build relationships with your friends from the gym? Let us know what you think!