Cross training and fitness is a sport of fashion, but be careful! Even though almost anyone can practice it, there are certain recommendations that you should keep in mind in order to not damage your body and avoid injury.

We understand that you want to go from being average to muscler in a short time, but you must be very careful with the routine that you choose.

Personal trainer Betto Urrego, a specialist in Cross training and fitness gave us several tips on how to use a garage gym, know the proper technique when practicing Cross training and fitness and most importantly; avoid putting your own health at risk.

Cross Training and fitness, Unbrokenshop,

Stress and resistance to do long routines:

The first thing to know is that results come fast because the sport combines gymnastic elements, Olympic weightlifting and metabolic conditioning (diets and exercises for professional athletes).

If you are someone who hates gym routines because you haven’t been able to shape your abdomen, you should know that Cross training and fitness can transform your physique in a short time, but the demand can be stronger.

According to Betto Urrego, this sport works on strength and physical conditioning based on high-intensity functional exercises that include ropes, jumping into boxes, burpees, throwing heavy balls, swimming and squats.

Cross training and fitness

Go from less to more!

Don’t pretend that you can do any exercise routine without any consequences. If you’ve just started at the box you have to start from less and slowly work up to more. Be conscious of what physical level you’re arriving at.

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You should lie about your age or overlook injuries, physical problems or disabilities because, while these routines have already been established, they can always be modified in order to not to put your health at risk.

Cross Training and fitness

Its clear that cross training is revolutionizing the fitness world but it is very important that you learn about it before investing time and money into it.

You should make sure the box and its coach are certified, after that, you just have to make sure you have the proper technique to do your exercise routine while preventing any type of injury.

Author: Alberto "Beto" Urrego

Professional Cross trainer specialist

You can communicate with Beto through his official Instagram account @betto_coach

  Remember, always consult professionals such an RD Registered Dietitian, MD Doctors, Coaches, etc., for more information.

Let us know your experience; let's share it to encourage new people to bring the sport to their lives.

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