Weightlifting Soft Belt

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$ 49.99 $ 39.99
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Specially designed for beginners for High intensity and functional movements, it is so soft and light you will even notice you have it on. It comes with one patch.


● UNIQUE: There are no other belts soft and light like this one, no more bruise on your hips. This new, very soft LEATHER Belt is amazing; you will be able to go for burpees or muscle-ups without losing time-fighting with any buckle so that you can keep the belt during the whole WOD.

● FUNCTIONALITY: Perfect for WOD with Oly Weight Lifting, and it will not butter you during gymnastic movement or running as well.

● DIFFERENCES: Unbroken belt is strong as the belts with buckle. Upgrade it without the hustle to fight with the buckle to adjust or take it off, with industrial Military-grade Velcro for solid support.

● SIMPLE: Strong support and quit adjustable for exercise transitions. Don't sacrifice support for comfort. This belt will give you both the best support into your lower back and abdominals, plus easy and fast to tight it and lose it.

● NEW: Unbroken belts will give you more support. The versatility to don't take it off on the transition for gymnastic movement or running because you can easily adjust it.

● UNIQUE DESIGN: 4 inches wide Specially designed for WOD, High intensity, and functional movements.


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Weightlifting Soft Belt

$ 49.99 $ 39.99