Calluses remover shaver

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The Unbroken calluses shaver is designed for removing calluses on your palm caused for weightlifting or gymnastic exercises. 

Ideal for Weightlifter, Crossfitter, Calisthenic, bodybuilders. 

Features of callous shaver

Stainless steel + wooden handle design, the stainless steel blade is more healthy and sanitary, and the wooden handle has a better grip.
Interchangeable blades head design: shaver head and exfoliator head.

Before use, soak your hands in hot water, dry your palm, and use this product to scrape hard calluses and dead skin palm scraper.

Operate carefully during the installation process and be careful to injure your hands.
Do not use it on damaged body skin, keep away from children.

Hand shaver packing list:
10 blades×1
callous shaver ×1
exfoliator head ×1
Instruction notes x 1
The blade is sharp handled with care to avoid injury and clean the head before and after use to prevent skin damage.


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Calluses remover shaver

$ 14.99