Iron Weight plates

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Style: 8.75lbs x2

  • 8.75lbs x2
  • 5.75lbs x 2
  • 4.25lbs x2
$ 150.00 $ 120.00
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In collaboration with Ruster industries, we are offering plates that have been designed to weigh the vest and fit perfectly into the front and back compartments. They have an ergonomic, comfortable fit.
Plates come in pairs of different weights, two plates of 8.75lbs, two plates of 5.75lbs, or two plates of 4.25lbs. You can pick up the weight according to your physical condition. Weight plates with powder coating.
These CMC-cut steel plates for weighted vests and plate carriers add an extra level to your workouts, running, or WODs to help increase cardio, endurance, stamina, and overall strength training.
Train progressively, with weight plates available in pairs of 4.25lbs, 5.75 lbs and 8.75 lbs. Perfect for running, strength training, pushups, pullups, ruck marches, and WODs.
This is a premium-weight vest plate set with rounded corners and smooth edges. The powder-coated steel won’t rust or corrode over time.
These plates are designed to fit perfectly into almost all brands of weight vests.
Our 100% guarantee backs every order. We assure you these plates won’t wear out before you do.


3/8” thickness 8.75lbs (x2) = 17.5lbs (x2) + vest = 20lbs
1/4” thickness 5.75lbs (x2) = 11.5lbs (x2) + vest = 14lbs
3/16” thickness 4.25lbs (x2) = 8.5lbs (x2) + vest = 11lbs



8.75lbs x2, 5.75lbs x 2, 4.25lbs x2

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Iron Weight plates

8.75lbs x2
8.75lbs x2
$ 150.00 $ 120.00