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Athletic tape

$ 9.99

Light Blue

Cross Gear & Fitness Athletic tape roll full stick wrap grip comp. Johnson rock tape goat tape, Your best protection

Our athletic tape has been used in gyms for years by pros and amateur Weightlifters alike. Cross Training and Fitness athletes wear Athletic Tape to get a better and mood secure grip. There are many colors to choose from, so you never have to get bored during your workout.

The hook grip is to Olympic weightlifting as the switch grip is to the heavy deadlift. You can’t lift heavy weights without it.  The thumb is vital to maintaining the grip on the bar with anything close to 1RM level. 

The best way to ease your hands into the hook grip is with lighter weights. That means every time you are warming up and going through the class progressions you have to be diligent about practicing the hook grip. No exceptions!

100% cotton tape and a latex free, high tensile backcloth to provide outstanding strength and support Computer calibrated unwind for consistency throughout the roll.

Cross Gear & Cross Training & Fitness Athletic tape, the best way to protect your fingers during the WOD. Hooking your thumb on the bar making the “hook grip” could change your snatches and cleans forever. Manufactured with high standards of quality and material. Comparable with Johnson & Johnson’s, rehban, rock tape, goat tape.

Cross Gear & Fitness Athletic tape roll full stick wrap grip comp. Johnson rock tape goat tape. You can tape yourself about 40 to 37 times with 1 roll.

● 1.5 x 10yds Athletic tape

● 3.5cm x 9,14 m Athletic tape

● *White Tape EAB 2.5cmx 6.9 m

Buy one and get the second one free shipping or buy combined and get free shipping too.


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