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Cross Gear Shin Calf Red Shell 7mm rope Climb Protection sleeve Compression comp. RockTape (ONE)

$ 24.90




New 7mm Cross Training & Fitness Unique design. No more bleeding and shin scars at the box. Unbroken shin sleeves bring protection to your shins and compression to your calves. Be comfortable, and protected while preventing injury. It also helps in keeping your calves warm and avoiding friction to your shins from the rope, bar, box, and other elements.

  • The compression and warmth of the sleeve will minimize energy waste, relieve pain fast, and reduce inflammatory reactions.
  • Specially designed with 7mm neoprene and 4-way stretch nylon for comfort this sleeve will not slide anywhere. The sleeve comes equipped with a rubber strap and a foot strap to keep it in place.

Applications: Rope climbs, Dead-lifts, Cleans, Snatches, Box Jumps, Rope jump, and variations.

Compare with Rehband and RockTape.

Sold in Singles you are buying one shin calf sleeve for 19.95, a Pair costs $39.90


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