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crossfit knee sleeves
crossfit knee sleeves

Cross Training & Fitness 7mm Knee Sleeves kneecaps Reversible (Pair ) comp. rehband, rock tape

$ 44.99




Increase efficiency! The Unbroken knee sleeve fits very tight and is anatomically designed for extra support. After you use this knee sleeve a couple of times, it will mold to your knee shape, and you will feel more comfortable. 

  • 7mm knee sleeve brings you extra support and stability for Cross-training & Fitness and Olympic weight lifting exercises. Unbroken knee sleeves fit very tight, anatomically designed for extra support.  It keeps your knees warm and protected. Additionally, these sleeves help keep your patella in place and pad your knee for lunges.

Created to relieve pain fast and increase performance, safety, and protection. The Compression makes the blood flow better in your joints and reduces swelling and fatigue for fast recovery.

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