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wrist protection pal protector
Hand Grips PRO Leather - UNBROKENSHOP
crossfit hand grips real leather
Hand Grips PRO Leather - UNBROKENSHOP
Hand Grips PRO Leather - UNBROKENSHOP
crossfit wrist protection
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crossfit palm grip protector
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crossfit wrist protection
palm grip protection
palm grip crossfit protection

Hand Grips PRO Leather

$ 38.49



Palm Grip Protector

The new Palm Grip Protector will help you last longer on the bar and rings by supporting you from your wrists without strangling them, thanks to its interior cushioning and the 2-inch-wide wrist wrap, it also saves your palms from blisters and calluses.

The grips were designed for both high-performance athletes and beginners, who need protection, durability, and a great design during their long hours of routine in their training Cross Training.

These grips are made of genuine, quality leather to provide the best support, durability, and comfort at the time of action. Check out the comfort of our new Hand Grips.

Get the best protection when practicing Cross Training with our new grip protector. You will protect your palms and wrists, and you will get the strongest support for your wrists without harming your mobility. This is a very safe product for your gymnastics exercise (Toes to bar, muscle-ups, chest to bar) and for weightlifting too (deadlift, clean). Check out the protection and support of the new Hand Grips from Unbrokenshop.


● No more blisters or ripped palms: leather palm protector (special design for WOD, bar, and rings). Leather Handle and Palm Protector made of Authentic Leather.

● Unique wrist protection design: Provides security with a firm protection on your wrist, genuine leather grip, with inert cushioning, with good support or comfort.

● Made of Authentic Leather: Your new Hand Grips will help you maintain your own weight for a long time while staying comfortable (farmers mark, kettlebell swing, toes to the bar) and provide protection to your hands and wrists during exercise routines and transitions.

● The new Authentic Leather wristbands: It won’t stretch out, it will tighten firmly to give protection to your wrist during snatches, cleans and etc.

● eal Leather palm protector: they consist of three holes for your fingers are made of quality leather that provides a lot of comforts, and it supports your hands and great security for your wrists.

● As a special promotion: the new leather hand grips come with an Unbrokenshop bag to keep them dry, and a calluses remover.

The new Authentic Leather Hand Grips from are available now, order them today !!! Train like the great athletes !!!

We believe that our products can help Cross Training & Fitness, weightlifting, gymnastics athletes.

Unbrokenshop Grips leather 2019

Grips Leather size chart

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