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crossfit jump rope aluminium
 jump rope aluminum crossfit
crossfit jump rope adjustable
 crossfit jump rope aluminum
  crossfit jump rope adjustable aluminum
crossfit jump rope adjustable

Speed Jump Rope Adjustable Aluminum Handles compare Rx

$ 34.99

RED handle
BLACK handle



Recommended for Cross Training & FitnessDouble unders, boxing, fitness & Functional training.

Comes with a Lightweight 2.5mm cable, no cutting needed to adjust the length. It has a steel handle head built-in bearing with aluminum handles that will get the work done with those double under WODs.   


  • QUIK SETUP - Adjust the cable length faster without cutting and then 3,2,1 Go! 

  • DOUBLE UNDERS DONE! - Superfast! Finally, for athletes who are struggling with double under and singles, this new jump rope will help you make it happen.

  • HANDLE - aluminum handles with an engraved grip to keep it in place during the workout even when you have sweaty palms. 

  • HANDLE HEAD - Steel quality design for durability with built-in speed bearings for fast rotation.

  • CABLES - PVC Coated 2.5mm wire that comes with 2 additional PVC tubes to add weight to the wire and protect it when you practice outside of the gym floor. 

  • BEARINGS- the Metal is made of quality material that gives it better performance in High Speeds. A High-Quality bearing is key to keeping the wire going for a longer time.


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