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About us

This is one of the few USA companies owned by coaches and athletes.

We have been in the fitness business for a long time before CF boxes or GRID even existed. Our designs are carefully made with the best finishing we can, designed by Box Coaches. 

 Why have we created the Unbrokenshop product line? Because it will help you and all level crossfitters to receive a better and safe experience working out.


  • Better - always, make it better, high-quality materials and precise designs.
  • Functional - at the box we verify our products through several tests for different level crossfitters.
  • Affordable - we make high-quality products affordable.

We are extremely confident in our quality and prices and proud of our HANDCRAFTED products. We are also happy to work with what we love and in what we practice. Now with the online shop, everyone can enjoy Unbrokenshop products as much as we do.

Headquarter and Training boxes are located in the beautiful and sunny Florida.

When you buy from a business like our, you're not helping board members to get a new luxury Yacht, you are helping CF athletes, coaches to be happy continues develop new products to make your sport safe and parents put food on the table. THANKS FOR SHOPPING FROM US GOD BLESS YOU.

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