This is one of the few USA companies owned by  athletes.

Why have we created the Unbrokenshop product line? Because it will help you to receive the correct information about the gear and have a safe experience working out.

Welcome to Unbrokenshop – a unique venture born from the passion and dedication of athletes, owned and operated right here in the USA. We stand out as one of the few companies owned by individuals who understand the ins and outs of the athletic world firsthand.

The Unbrokenshop product line is not just a collection of gear; it's a commitment to providing you with accurate information and ensuring a safe and enjoyable workout experience. Every design is meticulously crafted with the right materials, bringing together the expertise of coaches and athletes who understand the importance of precision in athletic gear.

At the helm of Unbrokenshop is our CEO and a team of dedicated coaches who bring their wealth of experience to the table. Their involvement ensures that our products meet the highest standards, being both coach-approved and athlete-friendly.

Unbrokenshop CEO and Coaches 


Our commitment extends beyond delivering quality products. We adhere to strict standards – precision in design, coach and athlete approval, and affordability. When you choose Unbrokenshop, you're not just making a purchase; you're supporting a business that prioritizes your safety and the continuous development of products that enhance your sporting experience.

Unlike corporations where your money might contribute to luxury yachts for board members, choosing Unbrokenshop means supporting athletes, coaches, and families. It means helping athletes find joy in their pursuits, aiding coaches in creating safer sports environments, and assisting parents in putting food on the table.

When you buy from a business like ours, you're not helping board members get a new luxury Yacht; you are helping athletes and coaches to be happy, continue developing new products to make your sport safe, and assisting parents to put food on the table.







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