Arielle Loewen: The Inspiring Tale of the Third Fittest Woman on Earth and Ultimate Fit Mom

Arielle Loewen: The Inspiring Tale of the Third Fittest Woman on Earth and Ultimate Fit Mom

Arielle Loewen, the name making waves in the world of Cross Fitness and Weightlifting, was recently crowned the "Third Fittest Woman on Earth" at the 2023 Cross Fitness Games. While her achievement in the fitness and weightlifting world is impressive on its own, what sets her apart even more is her equally remarkable title of the "Fittest Mom on Earth." In a sport where athletes often dedicate their entire lives to training, Arielle has managed to strike an extraordinary balance between her commitment to Cross Fitness and Weightlifting and her role as a loving mother to her four-year-old daughter, Blakely. In doing so, she has become a source of inspiration for people worldwide trying to juggle their busy lives and for women navigating the challenging journey of post-pregnancy fitness.

In a candid interview just before the Cross Fitness Games, Arielle Loewen shared her insights on how she manages to excel in both her athletic life, including Weightlifting, and her family life, offering valuable advice to women seeking to prioritize their goals and themselves.


Balancing Training and Family Life

Maintaining a rigorous training schedule while also being a dedicated mother can be an enormous challenge, but Arielle has found a way to make it work. She emphasized her unique approach to Cross Fitness and Weightlifting training, saying, "I think I’m able to balance it pretty easily because I approach training differently than most Cross Fitness and Weightlifting athletes. I’ve learned that, for me, less is more when it comes to being in the gym, so I have a few hours of high-intensity training and then plenty of family time."

Arielle's daily routine reflects her commitment to both aspects of her life. She typically trains from 11 AM to 1:30 PM and, on occasion, returns to the gym for an evening session after her daughter has gone to sleep. This schedule allows her to spend quality time with Blakely in the morning and enjoy their afternoons and evenings together.

She further emphasized the importance of setting boundaries to maintain this balance. "I know never to accept a lunch date with anyone before 2 PM because that’s my 'work time,' but I can make time for lunch or a playdate after I’ve gotten my training done," she explained. This approach has enabled her to prioritize her passion for Cross Fitness and Weightlifting while still making time for her family.


Postpartum Fitness Journey

Arielle's postpartum journey was marked by her determination to regain her health and well-being, rather than succumbing to external pressures. She expressed that she did not feel any pressure to "bounce back" quickly after giving birth. Instead, her primary focus was on losing the baby weight and getting healthy. "For the first year and a half, I focused on just being healthy and trying to get into the gym at least 4 times a week," she shared.

Over time, her body began to heal and feel stronger, leading her to unexpected success and qualification for the Cross Fitness Games. She emphasized that her initial intention was never to "bounce back" but rather to feel confident and healthy in her own skin. Her journey serves as a testament to the importance of setting personal goals and priorities after childbirth.


Influencing Her Daughter's Life

Blakely, at the tender age of four, has been part of Arielle's fitness journey from the beginning. She accompanied her mother to the gym as early as one month old, witnessing Arielle's dedication to workouts throughout her young life. While it's too early to gauge the long-term impact, Arielle hopes her daughter gains valuable insights into fitness and develops a healthy relationship with food and training.

Arielle Loewen preparing


A New Perspective on Her Body

Arielle's post-pregnancy experience has been a journey of physical and emotional transformation. She shared, "It’s a weird dynamic. I feel stronger than before, but I’m also not as confident with my body as I was pre-pregnancy. There are things, such as my belly button and some scarring, that look different now."

However, her perspective on these changes is one of gratitude and self-acceptance. "I am truly stronger than ever and am so thankful to have had a healthy pregnancy and baby, so I can’t complain," Arielle explained. She wants every mother to know that it's okay to have physical changes after pregnancy and birth, emphasizing the beauty in embracing these transformations.

Arielle Loewen training with her daughter


In conclusion, Arielle Loewen's journey from being a new mother to the "Third Fittest Woman on Earth" is a remarkable story of balance, resilience, and self-acceptance. Her ability to excel in both her athletic pursuits, including Cross Fitness and Weightlifting, and her role as a mother serves as an inspiration to all, highlighting the importance of setting personal priorities, maintaining boundaries, and celebrating the beauty of post-pregnancy changes. Arielle's legacy extends far beyond her achievements in Cross Fitness and Weightlifting; she stands as a role model for anyone striving to strike a harmonious balance in life.


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