Benefits of a Weighted Vest

Benefits of a Weighted Vest
With the technology of today and the accessible information out there, it has never been more prominent to care of your health. COVID-19 inflicted many loses and concerns worldwide; due to the major impact of COVID-19, the leading trend has been to stay fit and focus on your health.

That is why the need arises to make efforts to counteract these inconveniences and achieve healthy results while looking good. Not only is conventional exercise beneficial, but athletes face great limitations where they need to overcome fitness obstacles and health factors. During the journey of exploring fitness and improving health, the proper gym gear is crucial; one of the most beneficial gym gears is the weighted vest!


Weighted vests have shown improvement in cardiopulmonary capacity, endurance, and running speed.
Speed athletes will be able to lower their mark and run at a faster pace.
The increase of strength and that perfect muscle pump: carrying extra weight will break more fibers and force your muscles to adjust to the new effort. Pushing your limits and challenging yourself go hand in hand with the use of weighted vests.

Don’t forget

By placing an excessive amount of force on your joints this generates tension and stress. For that reason, if you are a beginner, it is not recommended to do it with weights greater than 5-10 percent of your body weight.

Weighted vests are ideal for burning calories faster, especially if you associate it with high-intensity exercises such as burpees, pull-ups, or push-ups.  It is for this reason that we recommend using the Weighted Vest Plate Carrier. This vest works with our Sand Plates along with standard iron plates found in stores. This multifunction feature will save lots of money and pose the option of adjusting the weights carried at any time. This vest is specially designed for functional fitness for beginners, high-performance athletes, WODs, and full adjustability for a custom fit. Our vests are very durable, easily hold 10 pounds in the front and 10 pounds in the back (with a maximum weight of 20 pounds.)


● Quick-release buckles are produced to simplify adjustments while the adjustable shoulder pads are providing a great range of motion to wear during majority exercises!
● It's also padded with mesh material, so it won't be too thick on top and provide good ventilation - which means this gear stays comfortable even when working out in hot weather conditions or daily at home wear.
● The fitting of this chest protector is comfortable and made with heavy-duty webbing, meshing padded interior for bearding.


● Military-grade quality.
● Plate space inside 12 x 10.5 x 1-inch, self-weight 1.5 pounds, around the chest 50 inches maximum.
● 2 patches included.
● Customized leather laser printed patches are not included but offered in a wide variety for customization needs.
● Weight plates are not included.  We recommend the addition of our sand plates to help perfect your vest for training.
Essential: The Inside straps are an optional set up. They were constructed to keep the plate in place, in order to avoid holding the plate and damaging the straps from the sharpness of the plate hole.
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