Weight Vest Benefits

Weight Vest Benefits

Weight Vest Benefits

Generally speaking, when you see pictures online of people working out with a weight vest, you generally are shown images of muscular guys. This may lead you to perceive that the weight vest only builds muscle, however it all depends on how you train with it. Yes, it's possible you can train to build muscle, but you can also train to become lean as well. After all, you have the option of adding many different weight variations to it, tailoring it to all of your personal training needs.

Ask your coach their input on some routines to build muscle without having to take any unnecessary supplements or steroids.

If your routines produce undesirable results, we encourage you to change them immediately. Trying something different to shock your muscles will likely produce better results. Be observant of others who began training before you. If you follow in their footsteps and lifestyle habits, it's only a matter of time until you see the same results. Remember that consistency with diet and exercise is always key if you want to successfully change your body. 

It is always recommended to consult with your doctor and schedule annual check-ups. If you experience high blood pressure, the use of a Registered Nutritionist or Dietitian is essential in changing your diet to reserve this trend.



Want to get inspired? There is a well-known Hero workout you can do with the weight vest named "Murph". 

Michael Patrick "Murph" Murphy was a navy SEAL who lost his life in a major operation against Al Queda forces in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005. During the violent shooting, Lieutenant Murph ventured into enemy range in order to get signal for his satellite phone, which was the only means of communicating with backup forces at the time. He paid the ultimate price in an effort to save his comrades during this mission.

Two other Navy SEALS (Dietz and Axelson) who accompanied the lieutenant and leader, also died in that battle that day. All of the courageous actions of Murph were awarded posthumously and recognized with the Medal of Honor. It is because of this story that the hard challenge referred to as Murph, in honor of this hero, is carried out every last Monday of May each year.

The Murph Workout consists of:

- 1 Mile Run (approximately 1600 meters)

- 100 Pull-Ups

- 200 Push-ups

- 300 Air squats

- 1 Mile Run (approximately 1,600 meters)

Beginners are encouraged to perform half, or less, depending your physical condition.

All of these exercise movements are performed with a 20-pound weight vest for men and a 14 pound vest for women, which turns this workout into quite the challenge. When you're lacking the will to continue during this workout, remember to reflect on Michael Murphy and what he chose to sacrifice that day back in 2005.

Here at the Unbrokenshop, we want to give you valuable information for all your training efforts and get you ready for the next Murph challenge.



We recommend our weight vest for this workout. If you are a beginner, have no fear; the weight is variable. Our vests come with sand plates, making it easy to add or take weight from them, which allows you to adjust the weight to a level that is comfortable for you. 

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