Why to watch The Cross Games?

Why to watch The Cross Games?

Why should I follow Cross Games?

In a few days, the most important cross games competition begins. The best athletes in the world will face each other to take the title of the Fittest Man and woman on earth. And for you who are a lover and passionate about cross games, pay attention to this note. Here we tell you why you should not miss, under any circumstances, this competition.Also know what are the benefits you can get in your training by following minute by minute this most important sport event of cross games.

An extreme test

Each of the WODs of the cross games tests the basic characteristics of the athletes. From the speed, because there is a race test, to the agility, that we appreciate in the challenges of running with obstacles.

And of course, absolute strength, since athletes have to perform exercises with external weights such as bars and discs. They also use real strength, doing numerous exercises with their body weight.

Athletes, depending on the position in which they finish in each of the events, get a score. These points are added up to reach the last test where, generally, everything is decided.

The benefits of following Cross games 

Follow step by step cross games and not miss any detail of this has a number of benefits for you that you are a lover of the sport.

For example, if you are in a beginner, intermediate or advanced level in cross games, following the minute to minute of this sporting event will allow you to continue learning and getting to know these athletes.

You will be able to observe how they train, to know some data of their routines, movements, tricks, that later you will be able to apply it in your next exercises in the box. And in front of your eyes you will have the best teachers of cross games!

In the same way, you will be able to appreciate the procedures that these athletes have to face each one of the last minute challenges that will be placed in the cross games. 

During the challenges, you will also observe the protection that these athletes carry and the care they have when executing the Workouts. You will also witness how the psychological and mental part is a key element so that many of them can reach the final.

The latter is important, since you can also imitate and continue to raise your level in cross games.

Another important reason why you can not miss these cross games is that you will have a wide and vast information on this event that can allow you to make a series of bets with your other teammates and who knows, your forecasts can win.

In the same way, you can share all this knowledge with your friends in the box and talk, without problems, about the most important world sport event of cross games this year. 

Where to see Cross Games?

If you are not one of the lucky ones who has obtained a ticket or pass to see the cross games live, you can see them from the comfort of your home, work, study center or box.

As in past years, you can see cross games, online, through the official website of the games, either through their official Facebook page or YouTube.

Another important fact is that you must take into account the time difference in the place where you are watching the competition. Remember that the event will take place in the state of Wisconsin, in the United States. Program yourself well!

It is a few days before these games begin, who do you think will take the prized title this year? The bets are running! Who do you choose? Tell us. At Unbrokenshop we read you!





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