30 Days Working Out w/ a Weighted Vest

lose weight in 30 days weight vest

I am a 54-year-old average guy who works out four times a week. As the CEO of Unbrokenshop, I have seen many athletes achieve great results while using our weighted vest. I've often wondered if a regular person like myself could achieve similar results and how challenging it would be. To fully immerse myself in this experience, I decided to try a 30-day workout plan using a 20-pound weighted vest. It's important to note that I did not incorporate any complicated exercises or go on a restrictive diet. Instead, I stuck to my regular training schedule with some days and weekends off.

weighted vest lose weight 30 days training

The good:

I am happy with the outcome. I have proven that you can work out with a weighted vest to get faster results. I might not look like an Instagram beach body, but I have received many compliments from people at the gym, upon seeing how my physical condition changed. The most important takeaway is, if I did it, anyone can. I am also glad that this experiment could help inspire others to try it as well.

The bad:

I could not stick to my plant-based diet during this workout plan. It was a lot of food. Christiane Schneider, a registered dietitian, provided me with a simple 4-meal and snack diet that included a lot of protein and veggies in every meal and slightly cuts down on carbohydrates to achieve an intake of 1600 calories per day.

The Training Routine:

I consulted some coaches at the gym, but overall, I kept it simple. I worked two big muscle groups in every session, plus performed cardio exercises for about an hour a day, burning about 700-800 active calories per training (according to my Apple watch). My goal was to burn fat without losing muscle, therefore I did not lose too much weight. However, you can see in my pictures that I was indeed successful at burning a significant amount of fat, in just 30 days.


It is possible to change your body even if you don't have much time, experience, or money. At 54 years of age, I am no longer in my prime for heavy training, however, my workouts are not sophisticated and I experienced decent results using minimal equipment. A crucial part of my training plan was the weighted vest and the commitment to consistency. This plan was not too difficult to do, and I could have done better, but I wanted to keep it simple and similar to an everyday training routine. I am happy and confident that these easy body changes are possible for a regular week warrior like me. Like many things in life, sacrifices must be made and a strong commitment must be within yourself to achieve what you want.

Let us know what you think about this easy 30-day weighted vest workout plan. Do you have a better or easier way to change your body that you would like to share? If yes, please comment to help your fellow community.

I want to thank my lovely dietitian Cristhiane, coaches Joe, Diego, Duane, friends John and Aline for their support, and Deerfield Beach CrossFit for allowing me to work out there.

The whole 30-day routine and diet tips will be available online for Unbrokenshop clients as part of the Unbrokenshop video series. Check it out and start your body change today.


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