Is this the body you need or you want?

Is this the body you need or you want?

The body you need.

 You will often find that many people are in an endless race, trying to achieve "a perfect body and soul."

C.S. Lewis once said, "You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." 

What provides for our soul doesn't always equate to what provides for our bodies. For instance, going on adventures, sharing happiness with your partner, traveling to a new town, or reading your favorite book might not produce the same results as an intense cardio workout - but these activities sure do wonders for the soul.
We have the body our life needs, meaning - if you are a graphic designer, your body is adapted to long hours of sitting at a computer and designing, therefore that is the body you need for a graphic designer lifestyle.
If you are a pro athlete who trains 8+ hours a day at the gym for a living, you will have a body adapted for those activities.
So many people want the perfect body, but perhaps the perfect body is the body we already have in our life, not the body of some influencer on Instagram.

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Parents understand firsthand that they need an abundance of energy. First, to work a typical 8 hr/day job and provide for the family, and then for the tasks at home (cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, running to sports activities, etc.), so in a sense, parents are constantly working two full-time jobs. Plus, there are many parents who, after working hard all day, still find time to make it to the gym or work out at home. That is amazing (you have my respect).
They undoubtedly have the perfect body to do so many things, day in and day out. 

An ideal body is often thought of as someone who looks like a gladiator or superhero, always ready to fight the bad guys - but that is not reality. Real-world superheroes look like military personnel, doctors, nurses, teachers, policemen/women, and firefighters. Their bodies allow them to perform some of the most essential duties in our society.

The perfect body is highly attractive to us. Of course we love those beach bodies that adorn the cover of every fitness magazine. Yet many of the people in the pictures only look like that momentarily. Even as soon as the next day, they don't look the same as they did in the picture (a fitness model has personally confirmed this to me). The majority of those models have dedicated numerous hours building those crazy fit bodies, just for one picture because that is the job they have.

Maybe it is about immediate interest. For example, some people look physically their best when they are single. Then, upon entering into a relationship, you will start to see changes as they become more relaxed with their training or diets. After achieving the goal of meeting someone to love, their focus shifts to enjoying the moments together, rather than solely looking good. 

Of course, there are many exceptions. There are married couples who remain fit and look even better than they did when they first got married, as together they become more engaged in the gym or physical activities. I know many of them well. Some people remain single in their 30s & 40s and realize they haven't had many adventures in life. Instead of just a perfect body, they begin looking for life experiences as well. 

It looks like the soul is the main thing after all. Sure, someone's physical appearance can draw a particular partner, but after a few decades around the sun, that appearance will fade. The beauty of a soul is that it is untouched by time. 

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Conclusion :
If the average joe goes to the gym one hour a day and takes care of their diet, they will maintain good physical condition, considering genetic factors and the quality of training. At the gym where I belong, there are many people with nice bodies who participate in one hour of CrossFit training a day, however, they are never compared to a model or a pro athlete's body, so the parameters we are targeting may not be the right ones.

We have the body we need according to our activities, lifestyles, passions, and careers. Always remember what that guy Lewis said, "You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body."

What are your thoughts on this? Are you crazy for your soul or body? Or perhaps a balance of both? 


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