Do what you want every day.

Do what you want every day.

Do what you want every day. 
At least once a day, make a point to do whatever you want.
For me personally, I like to go to the gym so that I can excel in the sports that I enjoy, and also to see my friends; that is my one hour a day.
I have always thought about this mathematical calculation, and it freaks me out. (Keep in mind - this calculation could change depending upon each person's activities...)
If you sleep about 8 hours a day, that is a third of the day, therefore if you are around 30 years old, you have been sleeping for 10 years. As such, you really have only been living for 20 years instead of 30, right?
For some people, additional "unenjoyable hours" could be added to this equation.
Like 4 hours a day participating in school; you might not have chosen to go to school if you could have made that decision back when you were a kid.
That means for 12 hours a day you have either been sleeping or not doing something enjoyable, therefore not living as you desire for half of the day. So if you are 30 years old, you have only been doing what you want for 15 years - how crazy!

crossfit rope climb
The cycle continues into adulthood, only now you must maintain a full-time job, requiring you to be at work for 8 hours. If you don't enjoy your work (which seems to be the case with an overwhelming majority of people), you will not be living the way you want for 16 hours a day, which is more than half a day. That being said, if you have been working for 10 years, that total working/sleeping time equates to 6.6 years, leaving only 3.4 years to do exactly as your heart desires.

And so my friend, it is time to get your life back. How can you do this? Here is my idea:
Start with at least 1 hour a day; just one hour could be the first step to a significant change. It doesn't matter what happens during your day; you must do whatever you think is enjoyable for at least one hour a day.

go to the gym
Commit yourself - even if you are tired, make that effort to go and do what you want. Even if you don't have enough money to actually go there or do it, there is always something you could do to get you one step closer to what you desire. For example, calculate the cost, find out how to pay for it, find another way to do it - whatever it is, do something about it!
In my case, I go work out at the gym for at least one hour almost every day, as a physical training component for the sports I enjoy. Then in the middle of the week, on Wednesdays, I might not go to the gym, but I still go with my friends to motocross or enduro, or I visit a friend and have a coffee with them because friendships are essential in life, too.
On weekends, I share majority of my time with the love of my life, my wife. This entails spending any kind of time together. It doesn't mean going out all of the time, as going out in these difficult times can be expensive. Instead, we enjoy resting, cooking, going to the supermarket or watching YouTube together. Simple things, with the idea to cherish the small moments with my loved ones.
I also try and visit the motocross track or the enduro trail one more time to keep doing something that I enjoy, which means living to me.
Incorporating this hour into your routine to do what you want every day is not an easy task; it took me years to realize what I was missing and to actually do something about it.

In Conclusion:
If you think you could benefit from this idea, start utilizing it. You can change and adapt it to your own needs. If you enjoy working out, you could use this time to think about what you want, while getting into better physical condition. But moral of the story is...if the above hours calculation freaks you out, do something about it!

Do you feel you have a better way to delegate the hours in your day? If so, share it. By doing so, you could help many people change their lives for the better.
Write your ideas in the comments below!


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