The Power of Your Gift

The Power of Your Gift

The Power of Your Gift. 
Are you someone who is looking to give the gift of weight loss, getting ripped, gaining weight, leaning out, or changing someone's body and life?
If so, you've got to keep reading this blog.

While most people are shopping for gifts during the holiday season, stressed to the limit and trying to get everything together for Christmas, it's possible they don't realize how powerful a gift could be to the person who receives it.
For example, if you gift someone a gym membership, it's highly likely they will use it and end up becoming a member at that gym, therefore improving their physical condition and ultimately, their life. 


If I gift a new pair of knee sleeves to someone, they might try to lift more next time they do squats, as new knee sleeves are a good motivation to push a bit harder next time, with the proper support. 

I will tell you a real-life story that happened to me:
Once upon a time, in my home Crossfit gym in Florida, one friend who occasionally works out with me approached and me asked me for a pair of hand grips. A few days later, I brought the grips to the gym and gave them to him.
Upon receiving them it, he told me to instead give them to a beautiful new girl in the next class, and to let her know they were from him - and so I did. Long story short, they have been together for three years now.
They are one of the most beautiful couples I know, and they still go to the gym together almost every day with their dog—what a nice love story it became.
So from that experience, I have learned the power of a gift. A little present could change lives; It is not about how expensive the present is; it is about the intention of your gift and the moment to do it.

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So my friends, when you are thinking of getting a gift for someone, don't just think about the smile you will generate or how grateful the other person will be. Instead, think about how well you could positively influence the life of your loved ones with just a simple gift.
Let us know in the comments if you have ever had an experience like this one, or if you know anyone who started a relationship, or something extraordinary because of a gift.


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