Return to Cross training & fitness after a break

cross training & fitness

Return to Cross training & fitness after a break

Going back to your exercise routine?  You might ask “Do I have to?”, “Should I start again or do something else?”, “Have I lost all the progress and achievements I made because I took a break?” Relax, there’s no need to worry.

These are some doubts that people going back to cross training & fitness  have after taking a break. Pay attention to this note and continue reading, because we’ll give you advice and recommendations so can get back into your exercise routine!

This is when attention, calmness and patience pay off! Don’t worry, just spend a few minutes reading these tips it’ll be a good investment of time. So put on some patience and smile, Let's start!


Nothing is eternal, neither constant nor static. Human beings are in constant movement and changes. The same happens in cross training & fitness and in life. Just remember, your passion for physical exercise, is in the moment, it’s an impulse and an opportunity to get up and continue to increase skills.

The reasons why people stop their cross training & fitness routines can vary, such as an injury, or a vacation. These cross training & fitness routines can stop for a week or even up to a month.

However long it’s been, you have ready to start your cross training & fitness routine again. You have to start calmly and slowly to able to do the same things you did before. In my case, I took a break from cross training & fitness when I went on vacation.

cross training & fitness

When I got back to the gym, after my rest period, I felt vital and very strong. My body had rested from doing cross training & fitness. In the moment I was rediscovering the lifting, the numbers of the box, the fast charges, and the other circuits that I used to do, with a lot of new energy.

However, this didn’t last long. My body was relaxed, and I  really wanted to do all of the cross training & fitness circuits I did before but I didn’t measure the weights that I did. Big mistake! Never do that.

Because I started to try to lift too much too fast, I got a fracture in my forearm. Thanks to this experience, I realized that I overloaded myself with exercises and used too much force during the routine too fast after coming back from vacation.

Always take your time when returning to the gym, even if it doesn’t feel like it, your body needs time to get back to where it was.

cross training & fitness

For example, if you could lift 200 pounds before, it’s recommended that you carry less than that amount. Getting back up to 200 little by little is healthy, and you won’t have any injuries and continue to keep you away from the gym. Be patient! Little by little you’ll be back where you were before!.


My coach pointed out something important to me. We have to be cautious and not demanding when we have had a break from cross training & fitness. Believe me, I would have liked this recommendation, it would’ve saved me from an injury. You live and learn but it’s always best to be careful.

Brandon True Unbrokenshop Cross training & fitness athlete from focusflproductions on Vimeo.


It’s true that when we go to the gym we always compare ourselves to or compete with our cross training & fitness. We look at what they do and we want to do even better than that. Being competitive is a good mentality, but being safe is an even better one. Always know your limits, and work hard on getting better so you can do more without hurting yourself.

With this idea in mind, relax and go at your own pace. Don’t worry! Remember that you've got a pause in your cross training & fitness and your body isn’t used to the routine yet, especially when it comes to food.

You can always ask your friends who have Cross Training & Fitness for nutrition tips as they have had time to build a healthy, balanced diet.

When we practice cross training & fitness, we put our heart into each of the routines. However, as we pointed out, we have to be aware of what our limitations are.

Another recommendation given to me by a Doctor at a checkup is that it’s always important to check if your body is ok. It doesn’t cost much and it ensures that you aren’t pushing your body too hard.

cross training & fitness

Another important tip is that we have to be more careful about protecting our muscles, and doing more warm-up routines to start and finish our exercises. Don’t rush your warmups! Stay calm and patient in order to keep yourself as safe as possible.

Finally, you also have to be patient with how your body adjusts to your exercise routine again, and not feel frustrated by it. Remember that if your body asks you to stop, stop. You can take a break and come back stronger than before.

Finally, do not forget to enjoy the process. As the days go by, you will recover your level reached. Inspire yourself in your training with friends and you can buy new equipment and accessories for your cross training & fitness routine. 

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