Can I practice Cross training & fitness during pregnancy?

Cross training & fitness during pregnancy

Can I practice Cross training & fitness during pregnancy?

Surely you have found pregnant women practicing cross training & fitness in the gym and you have asked yourself: "how do they do it?”. Is it possible for a pregnant woman to continue practicing Cross training & fitness with its high physical demand? Yes! It’s possible. In this note, we explain how you can do Cross training & fitness while carrying a baby in the womb, according to experience.

You should know that playing sports is good during pregnancy. Its benefits include allowing you to maintain an ideal weight, it strengthens and stretches your muscles. That way, you'll also be prepared to give birth without any setbacks.

Although cross training & fitness demands a lot of physical effort, if you are used to the sport you will be able to follow your routine with some moderation. Remember that you will have to lower the level of intensity to which you are accustomed. You aren’t one anymore, you’re two: you and the new life that you carry inside of you.

If this sport is what you’re passionate about, and if it adds joy to your life, along with keeping your body and mind healthy. It is more than possible for you to continue with your cross training & fitness routines while pregnant.

Cross training & fitness during pregnancy

The first months of pregnancy are difficult in the Cross training & fitness

I have a friend named Agustina who is around eight months pregnant. Currently, she still goes to the gym and does cross training & fitness. I thought that the first months were easier because the baby is still small. But she corrected me and told me that it wasn’t like that. The first few months, she said, are the worst because there is a hormonal change, you want to vomit all the time.

Agustina told me that just between three and six months ago she felt much stronger, with a lot of energy. This made that period of her pregnancy the best for exercising.

After 6 months, she told me she felt a little more at home but not at the gym. At the gym, she felt much better, very eager and revitalized. Cross training & fitness helped her stay energized and positive throughout her pregnancy.

Cross training & fitness Pregnancy

Agustina is waiting for her first baby and has 10 years of experience in cross training & fitness which explains why her body is already used to physical effort. If you've never done Cross training & fitness, and you're pregnant now, maybe it's not the best time to start in this sport. However, you can perform basic exercises that will serve as a lesson for when you start this sport in a serious way.

We leave you a sample of the best accessories and everything you need to practice cross training & fitness safely during your sweet wait.

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Eating, Pregnancy, and Cross training & fitness

Agustina told me that she doesn’t eat very well because she feels like throwing up. Avoid eating three hours before going to the gym to do your exercises without problems or pressure in the stomach.

She didn’t want to eat protein very much. She was, however, more encouraged to consume the vegetables, which he felt lighter for her stomach. At first, she stopped taking protein shakes.

When she went to the nutritionist, she was told to continue taking the shakes because otherwise, she wouldn’t have enough protein in her body. This is how she made her best effort to eat these foods.

On the break, Agustina told me that she didn’t sleep well and got up every two hours to go to the bathroom.

My pregnant friend from cross training & fitness told me that she felt a little scared when she started carrying weights at the gym. It surprised her because she never felt afraid before that, but now she was aware that she was living with another life inside of her and could no longer take as many risks. She started doing low-level exercises in order to avoid injuries or fractures.

Cross training & fitness Pregnancy

Although at first Agustina continued to carry the same weight, during her cross training & fitness routines, now when she realizes that something is heavy, she leaves it and begins to do a lighter routine.

Seeing her huge belly, one day I asked her if he wasn’t afraid of hitting herself. She told me the following: "Look, the other day I hit the bar and went to the doctor and he told me everything was fine, he did exams, and everything was in perfect condition". After that happened, she has still been exercising regularly. 

If you have an accident during your cross training & fitness routine, even the smallest injury, the best thing to do is to go to the doctor to do exams. The baby is in a gestational sac which keeps it very well protected.

We hope that what we tell you here is good advice for pregnant women who love cross training & fitness and for the husbands of these women who love the sport. Do you have any experience with cross training & fitness during pregnancy? Let us know! At Unbrokenshop we read you.



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