Thanksgiving and Christmas eat without guilt and use the holidays to gain muscle

Thanksgiving and Christmas eat without guilt and use the holidays to gain muscle

A good option to gain muscle while enjoying the holidays.

Just change your routine focusing on gain muscles, don't worry after the holidays we will come back to the diet and get ripped again. It is a great emotion, because of the most beautiful times of the year, the time to share with the family, to spend a pleasant time with friends, even to go for a trip or to travel overseas.

And the best part of all this, is the food... delights and really fatty and sugary, how to resist? The delicious dishes of mom, granny ... those recipes that are only prepared in Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It is part of the sharing, sitting at the table with friends and family to enjoy the food, it is part of those unique moments, which are never forgotten. Impossible to stop sharing.

But what happens? .... That we have spent the whole year working on our physical condition, that sometimes it is difficult to think, that in a few days we can spoil all that work accomplished with so much effort and sacrifice, not only of the workouts of Cross Training and Fitness but also of the fact of the care of our feeding.
But you know, that you can take advantage of this situation to gain muscle? We just change the routine and we focus on gaining muscle, after the holidays we focus on to lose weight and the six-pack again "

It is a unique opportunity that you have in the year to strengthen your muscles, eat what you like and share with your family. We want to tell you how to:

As you well know, your muscles need nutrients to be able to strengthen and grow, we regularly take care of many meals, but as in this time no, we want to present the following tips to improve your muscles, eating what you like on this holidays.

1. Do not worry about cardiovascular exercise
2. Work with your strength exercises.
3. Add much more weight to your routines.
4. Always eat protein, this is going to help.

If you focus on increasing the intensity of your exercise, you will increase the volume of your muscle, the secret is to lower the intensity of cardiovascular exercises, such as aerobics, rowing, jogging, etc.

Focus on lift weights, lifting more and more weight, and most importantly .... remember that only a few days, as soon as the holidays end, return to your routine and diet as always. because this is only a temporary exit so that instead of the Holidays make you lose your physical condition, it will be of benefit to you.
Enjoy the holidays, enjoy your family and friends, which is the best of this life, and take care, you are very important if you do not take care of your self ... how will you live the rest of your life?

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