Thanksgiving, and how to go forward with a good diet and exercise routine.

Thanksgiving, and how to go forward with a good diet and exercise routine.

Thanksgiving, and how to go ahead with a good diet and exercise routine, when you go on a trip.

Regularly  when you travel to see your family, for the long-awaited Thanksgiving, you run into the problem that you do not have to exercise, and with so much delicious food it is difficult not to sin.

The pace of your activity goes down, and in a week you can gain a few pounds which are going to be a problem, so let's talk a little bit, a solution so you can enjoy without guilt, Thanksgiving, in case you travel to visit the family.

It happens that when you travel, you lose all routine, because you do not have your gym close, and not even talk about your food ...? So much delicious food ready to be devoured...

The most important part of your trip is to share with your family, and enjoy each moment with them, as well as with old friends, you can do it without feeling guilty, it is important to enjoy, as well as keep everything that has cost you as much as your physical condition.

Thanksgiving, and how to go forward with a good diet and exercise routine. We want to give you some simple recommendations so that you can enjoy these olidays, without harming your lifestyle.

  1. If you are going to visit your family and you will stay home with your parents, a great option is to go back to that gym where you went before to move out, it will be a great opportunity to share with your old friends, and remember fantastic things from the past. There is nothing better than sharing with old friends.
  2. You can organize some kind of walk with your family ... it is good for maintaining the physical condition, and a great exercise to share with friends or family.
  3. Recreation can include some games like football or baseball, something that keeps you moving is always good.
  4. Also, if you stay in a hotel, remember that hotels always have a little gym, some training there could be nice, and then might you could enjoy a sauna or pool as well.

But most importantly, enjoy these days, since they are once a year, and really with some minor care, you will maintain your routine, try to eat healthy food, delicious food prepared by your mother or your grandmother. Thanksgiving is one of the most beautiful days of the year. Happy Thanksgiving !!! We wish you all lovers of Cross training & fitness and functional fitness !!!

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