Making new friends doing Cross training & fitness

Making new friends doing Cross training & fitness

When I was encouraged for the first time to go to a gym to practice Cross training & fitness I did it on my own initiative. I wanted to improve my body: lose a few pounds (kilos), stylize my figure, tone it up and have more resistance to practice other sports. All that was my goal; however, along the way I found much more than that.

In addition to going to meet my training goals, I met other people with whom we had things in common, in addition to the passion that we were forming by Cross training & fitness, day by day. Now I can say that several of them have even become my best friends. Next, I will tell you how these new friends helped me in my routines and also outside the gym.

My shyness when I start training in Cross training & fitness

I have to admit that I am a person of few words and it is difficult for me to relate and talk with others. In the first days, I only talked with my coach or the lady who sold fruit and smoothies in the gym. My day started with warm-up exercises and then with those indicated by my Cross training & fitness coach.

With the passage of time, I realized how Cross training & fitness began to improve and change my life and, at the same time, meet new friends. In that sense, there are two aspects that I am interested in highlighting. The first is the change in my physique because I was starting to have a little more muscle.

And this is something that not only happened to me, I also saw it in other people who trained like me.

And it felt nice when the guys from the same gymnasium touched my shoulder, they noticed all these changes, they congratulated me and told me that I had to keep moving forward. They motivated me and that made me feel unstoppable, that I could not fail them and that I had to be constant in my workouts and keep going to the gym.

Little by little, I began to talk more with the people who trained at the same pace as me and we began to see the results we had among ourselves, to exchange recommendations, food recipes, to comment on our routines, to motivate ourselves together.

We also began to exchange phone numbers to call and remind ourselves to not miss the gym to exercise in Cross training & fitness and get each, at our pace, our goals.

While we rested or did intervals, I had friends at Cross training & fitness with whom, without realizing it, we even exchanged movie recommendations or addresses of the most delicious restaurants. Without thinking, and spontaneously, all those people I saw unattainable when I entered the gym became a kind of the second family.

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At the gym, there are also many more professional athletes who have been doing Cross training & fitness for many years. At first, I saw them as unattainable, but with them, I also started talking and they gave me advice for my routine. That way, in addition to having good friends in the gym that motivated me to keep training, everyday Cross training & fitness became a personal challenge that I liked to finish.

The importance of friends in Cross training & fitness

The second aspect I wanted to emphasize is that Cross training & fitness has given me mental improvement every day. For example, there are some exercises that we do not all enjoy doing. In my case, I'm a bit lazy wall ball but with my friends and advanced athletes tips, I become better every time.

Sometimes I wanted to stop and my friends prevented it. How? They encouraged me to continue and we even made a competition between us. The loser buys energy drinks for everyone at the end of the day.

In this way, every day he overcame the mental barriers, through different routines and with the support of friends in the gym who have the same objectives. And so, the next day, I continue to lift more weight than I ever imagined.

Cross training & fitness is a personal improvement

For me, Cross training & fitness has become a personal improvement. It makes me feel good, to reinforce that confidence in myself and not only to stay in shape, but also to transfer it to other aspects of my life.

It makes me feel more capable, stronger and that I can with everything I propose. And what better than doing all this surrounded by gym friends who motivate me and encourage me.

My friends and I also know that we are exposed to injuries while practicing Cross training & fitness. Therefore, we always recommend using equipment and accessories to train safely and securely. And you too, tell us, what are the recommendations you have to your friends to improve their Cross training & fitness routines?



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