Easy way to prevent injuries doing Cross training & fitness!

Easy way to prevent injuries doing Cross training & fitness!

Cross training & fitness is a sport of high intensity and strength training that has been gaining more followers every day.

This sport, which requires a lot of resistance, strength, elasticity, and balance, has become a way of life for many people including myself. However, those of us who perform Cross training & fitness discipline are vulnerable to injury, but there is a way to avoid it. How? Here we tell you.

Tips to prevent injuries from doing Cross training & fitness

When we have been babies, we all have fallen taking our first steps, or we have suffered some failure at work, or in the emotional field.

But all those falls have served as a lesson and we have achieved new achievements. It is not like this? Similarly, while training and doing Cross training & fitness we can suffer some type of fall or injury and sometimes we should stop. we don't even think about it!

But, quiet, guys friend, we are going to give you some tips so you can perform Cross training & fitness, without the worry of suffering any injury. Pay attention!

How to avoid getting injured by carrying weights and bars, box jump or on ropes climb or doing squats with weight?

The first thing to keep in mind in a Cross training & fitness routine is to have our body in good shape. For example, it is important that, before starting the training, we perform appropriate warm-up exercises, stretching and keep the body hydrated.

While performing Cross training & fitness it is necessary that we perform exercises with good form, this is the key good FORM.

It is always good to push yourself more and more in each routine to achieve more resistance and raise our level, but we must also listen to our body and not try to overload or increase the weight just in one shoot. Well, it is at that moment that we can suffer some kind of injury.

After a Cross training & fitness routine, it is necessary that we do stretching exercises so that your respiratory and cardiac frequency return to the usual. Remember, athlete, stop when necessary and your body asks for it.

The importance of the coach in Cross training & fitness

Another recommendation to avoid injuries during Cross training & fitness is to choose a trainer to coach you during your routines. For example, when I started Cross training & fitness I was accompanied at all times by a guide who taught me the warm-up exercises, routines, and cooling. No one is born knowing, right? That's why we should not forget that we always need help.

Shelda Cross training & fitness from focusflproductions on Vimeo.


According to my performance, my coach came out with some exercises to follow to avoid injuries. As you progress through Cross training & fitness, my coach will create a much more complex and personalized program for me until was ready to incorporate to the regular gym classes.

A coach will help you to clear up doubts about exercises and improve your routine. It will also motivate and encourage you. How cool is that?

While practicing Cross training & fitness in general we can suffer a series of injuries to the shoulders, lower back, knees, wrists... which are the most common. Therefore, it is important to have the ideal equipment and accessories that will allow us to prevent and achieve a good day of training.

The knee protectors, hand grips, belts, shin protections, are the main elements that you must acquire to avoid injuries doing Cross training & fitness.

Following these tips, you will see how you avoid hurting yourself during your Cross training & fitness class. I am following these tips and I am doing very well. What do you expect to put these recommendations into practice?



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