The ultimate solution to avoid shin injuries during box jump.

The ultimate solution to avoid shin injuries during box jump.

Attention Athletes! Avoid shin injuries at the gym, do not give up, there is a solution for those terrible injuries in your shins and other injuries doing Cross training & fitness.

I’m sure you know someone or maybe yourself who got a shin injury at the Gym doing box jump? if it happened to you or a friend once ... it will not happen again.

Is it frustrating to hurt yourself doing what you like? There is nothing more painful than a bruise or cut in your shins... You could end up in the hospital with a couple of stitches ... Terrible, isn't it?

Whatever the wound you get, it will take some time to heal and then you should wait for a while (which you will feel forever) ... before even thinking about returning to the gym, plus your performance will be psychologically affected and the scar you will get, will not even talk about it...

The solution is simple than you think

The best I can recommend is that you never, ever try to start your Cross training & fitness or Functional Training without your protective gear.

What to buy? Always look for the most comfortable, flexible material and durable ... Look for the best option for your training. Protective gear is really necessary if you do Cross training & fitness or Functional Training.

For some reason almost all the people who wear these protections, bought them after getting hurt (and I am included in this group), after suffering an accident we realize that protecting yourself is very important and can save us from terrible pain in your shins and pain in the pocket as well, in case you have to go to the hospital.

You can use Shin Sleeves + Shin Guards, they will give you all the protection you need. If it happened to you ... don't let it happen again, remember that our sport is a little risky, so try to provide yourself with professional, reliable and accessible protection which is used by professional athletes, remember for training or competitions always wear quality protective products. Get a couple of good Shin Sleeves + Shin Guards, and enjoy your training, sure you will not suffer any injury.



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