My first day doing Cross training & fitness

My first day doing Cross training & fitness

My first day at Cross training & fitness finally arrived! I was excited to start my training, but at the same time scared by what I saw: men and women carrying heavy weights and bars, jumping into the box or rope jumping or squats with weight..crazy exercises.

Would my body be able to perform and endure all those rigorous exercises and routines? The result? Cool! I did it well! , now I love Cross training & fitness, I will tell you my little story. 

The drama of my first day at the gym

I signed up at the gym because I had a dream to see myself and feel good. However, I not only longed for that, but I also saw those sculptural bodies, which looked so perfect at first sight and were a motivation for me. I wanted to become like that and have a great figure like them!

The first thing my coach told me was that I had to do some cardio and get my body used to the movement little by little. I was desperate to start with my Cross training & fitness workouts.

Finally on my first day of Cross training & fitness... What nerves!

On my first day, I felt a little sorry, because I saw those heavyweights that others lift and I could barely get about 10 pounds in the bar (what a shame!). Another group of athletes lifted giant truck tires. This exercise of just seeing it, already made me dizzy.

Two weeks later, I officially started with my first Cross training & fitness training and, believe me, for me it was really GREAT! During the training, I also discovered how teamwork can improve your physical performance in the Cross training & fitness.

Do you remember that I was amazed at how other athletes lifted heavy weights and I could barely? Well, I tell you that I could with that and more. I managed to lift the large tires that weighed over 200 pounds and perform an intense exercise routine for 40 minutes.

El entrenamiento constante da buenos resultados: 

JULIE Gallo Cross training & fitness Unbrokenshop athlete from focusflproductions on Vimeo.

Although in the beginning, I was afraid of how I would go in the Cross training & fitness, and in practice, I did not feel it heavy. On the contrary: it was fun! cool!

And the most important thing is that everything was so fast that I did not even have time to think that I could not. In my mind, there were only the words ¡yes I got this! Definitely, it is a good experience and the best strategy I have known to keep my body in shape and healthy.

It is also important that you know, that the day after my training, I woke up totally tired. But it was not an impediment to move forward. On the contrary, my coach encouraged me to continue training and gaining more resistance.

Now I am totally excited! I can not wait to achieve my goals. My coach suggested that I use protection because I was hurting, a few, and so I decided to buy some protective gear and accessories, which I found very good. They also have a style and make me look great.

Cross training & fitness is highly recommended. Do not be afraid to start. If I did it well, I'm sure you can too. now Im going for more!

Let us know your experience; lets share it to encourage new people to bring the sport to their lives.

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