A Goal without a plan is only hope

A Goal without a plan is only hope

A Goal without a plan, is only a hope, how to get off to a good start in 2019

We are finishing the year, and at this point we regularly evaluate all those achievements we had this year, those goals met, as well as those that were not met, we reflected on the good, the bad, and filled ourselves with happiness knowing that we have a year to come full of opportunities, and goals to fulfill.

It is said that where there is life there is hope ... but a goal without a plan is only a hope, and we should not only consider what we want to achieve, but elaborate a detailed plan to achieve it, and at the end of 2019, let us be satisfied that we have achieved our goals.

Although we know that every goal is achievable, there are some mistakes that are made when we set our new year goals.

• Propose unattainable goals.
• A demand of ourselves human efforts.
• Lack of realism
• Try to reach a goal in a very limited time

As we said before, any goal is achievable, however, the planning to reach it is important, we being passionate about sport and well-being, we want to give you some advice in what corresponds to our area.

Sample If you are looking to change eating habits, improve your health, and your physical condition, we give you these basic tips, so you can plan your goals for 2019, with a plan to achieve them, and some tips to follow your planning.

How to improve my physical condition for the year 2019

Improve your diet with four simple steps:
• Buy organic foods.
• When making your purchase, buy more vegetables thank carbohydrate.
• Make a change with the bread you consume, from now on, buy WITHOUT GLUTEN.
• Lower the number of carbohydrates you consume and increase the amounts of protein and vegetables.

Improve your workouts, or start training, we know that if you start in Cross training & fitness and Functional Training you will have surprising results in the short term, it is worth noting that each organism is different, but if you are constant, and you have the support of your trainer, It will go very well.

Talk with your coach, let him know what your goals are for 2019, get to the Cross training & fitness, what measures you intend and what weight you want to obtain. With his experience, he will help you.

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