Tips to avoid injuries

Tips to avoid injuries

We know that it takes a lot of time and hard work to lower get a smaller stomach and a muscular body, so you should pay attention to these tips if you’re a beginner at the gym.

Betto Urrego, a physical training specialist, explained to us what you should do before starting to lift weights, what are the exercises you should do and how important it is to stretch after each routine.

Once you know how health you are, you can start working on your cardiovascular fitness. The idea is to jog 15 minutes for a week, after meeting that goal its recommended that you increase it by 5 minutes. After doing this exercise for 20 days, you are ready to begin working on your strength.

Your coach is the one who knows your strengths weaknesses best. If you’re just now starting out, don’t try to lift more weight than your body can handle. After your body adapts to your new routine, you can work lower, upper and middle body (legs, buttocks, twins, arms, shoulder and back) without any worries.

Stretching after each exercise routine is very important. This not only helps your muscles recover, but also helps you gain flexibility. It is normal for you to gain weight while exercising if you’re not careful about your diet.

There’s no point for you to be consistent and hardworking in your workouts if continue eating hamburgers and sweets while drinking soda or beer. knee sleeves 7mm for Crossfit from focusflproductions on Vimeo.


Author: Alberto "Beto" Urrego

Professional Cross Training and fitness specialist

You can communicate with Beto through his official Instagram account @betto_coach

Remember, always consult professionals such an RD Registered Dietitian, MD Doctors, Coaches, etc., for more information.

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