What’s the best way to exercise your abdomen?

What’s the best way to exercise your abdomen?

If you’re changing your exercise habits and want to look more toned and muscular, it’s important to remember that in sports you always start with less and work yourself up to more. This can be a confusing process so we’ve put together a series of tips to help you work out your abdomen.

There will always be a close relationship between exercise and healthy eating. Getting abs isn’t just a matter of routines or a number of repetitions. It's very important for you to consider the amount of calories you consume compared to those you are burning while training. It’s important to remember that your six pack depends on what type of diet you have.

We know that one of the most difficult areas to tone your body is in the abdomen but you’ll have a much easier time defining your muscles if you include cardiovascular work in your routine.

Coaches recommend that the exercises should last between 30 and 60 minutes with low intensity, this helps you burn calories but it is still very important for you to increase your consumption of proteins such as chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs.

If you’re going to exercise its probably because you want to work on your whole body. Take time to do exercises that work out the entire core (lower back, abdomen, and hip), not just the abdominal area.

The proper diet for the best results with these workouts is the consumption of quality carbohydrates, for example; brown rice, vegetables, and fruits.

Remember that there are countless workouts but its best to perform exercises that work all regions of the abdomen. You who help forget that rest and recovery are the keys to achieving your objectives.

Unbrokenshop weight lifting Wrist STRAPS from focusflproductions on Vimeo.

No matter how careful with fitness you are, the body needs good fats which can be found in fish, nuts, seeds or also consumed in Omega 3 supplements.

Remember, always consult professionals such an RD Registered Dietitian, MD Doctors, Coaches, etc., for more information.


Author: Alberto "Beto" Urrego

Professional Cross trainer specialist

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