The basics to start with Cross training & fitness

The basics to start with Cross training & fitness

The basics to start with Cross training & fitness and feel safe

Welcome to this post dedicated to all the people who are starting in the world of Cross training & fitness and Funtional Training, if you already made the decision to start and you noticed that this lifestyle is for you and that you want to reach far with your goals, we want to give you some recommendations that will be very useful for you.

As you know, the Cross training & fitness and Funtional training exercises are resistance and strength exercises, so that your muscles can be exercised and you can enter quickly, but you should also know that being strength exercises, too you can hurt yourself

If you are not used to this type of exercise we want to give you some recommendations, which will surely help you a lot.

The basics you need to start are:



Knee Sleeves:
The first thing you should get for better support to your joints, and to avoid some injuries, are your knee pads, they give protection to your knees as well as help keep your tendons in optimal condition and hot while you exercise and after exercising , in the cooling period.

Palm Grips
When you do some strength exercise such as weights or any exercise that involves lifting weight with your hands, they regularly cause some keys, which can hurt you a lot and make your hands bleed, which is not good because that implies that you have to wait until the palms of your hands heal to be able to exercise, you can lose the rhyme of your daily routine, and even give up the Cross training & fitness and Funtional Training, which at a certain moment you decided to start. They are definitely essential, they will serve you a lot.

What is the basics to start with Cross training & fitness and Funtional Training

Definitely, the more protected or protected you are, the better, so we recommend that you also use:



Shin Sleeves

As you know, in Cross training & fitness and Funtional Training exercises, you will do box exercises and rope climbing, so it is also important to have protection for your legs, it is very comfortable to have that protection. It is not the same to do without these accessories. An injury of box jumping can even send you to the hospital with very deep cuts that you need points to cure them, it can take days to heal, and you can not allow your sport to bring you so many complications and that your path may also intervene in your goals or that your performance go down.

The protection for your spine is definitely important, so it is essential that when you reach the weightlifting, and have your Belts, you will have a great support and safety at the time of starting your workouts with weights.

And do not forget your Spreed jump rope, which allows you to do double unders, a simple but very effective exercise,it's rope adjustable, so you can have the right length without cut, do not use jump ropes that do not have the right length for your height, because it will be more difficult to maintain a constant progress.

Basically, this is what you need to work quietly Cross training & fitness and Functional Training. If you have any questions, we can gladly help you

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