Starting Cross training & fitness at 40? You can do it!

Cross training & fitness at 40

Starting Cross training & fitness at 40? You can do it!

Are you interested in starting Cross training & fitness at 40? It's not as crazy as you think! In this note, we explain that age isn’t an obstacle.

In my case, I started practicing Cross training & fitness at age 47, but I had already had experience working out. I’ve dedicated myself to extreme sports such as rafting, surfing, motocross, and taekwondo all my life. Because of this, I was able to do Cross training & fitness without much trouble, as I had gained considerable strength and endurance from previous experience with working out.

So, if you are a friend of Cross training & fitness who is 40 or older, interested in entering this world of extreme exercises, and have had experience with exercise before, you’ll have a great time like I am now.

Cross training & fitness at 40

Starting Cross training & fitness without having done many exercises

Now, you’ll ask yourself, can I do Cross training & fitness if I haven’t had experience in other sports? Of course, you can! You can do Cross training & fitness and even more. You’ll be inspired by the story of a good friend of mine who is also my current guide at the gym.

My friend Gaby found her passion for Cross training & fitness at age 42 without having any previous experience in sports. She says that since starting this sport, her life took a radical turn. Cross training & fitness not only improved her physically and emotionally, but it also helped her mental capacity as well.

An important point that I want to emphasize is that not only Gaby but other people I know who started Cross training & fitness after age 40, agreed that this sport has changed their lives. For example, some came with unhealthy eating habits and had to start eating healthy to keep up with the sport, which brought a lot of pleasant health benefits to their lives.

They’ve told me that they don’t feel as tired, have an easier time breathing, walking and even running. Their bodies feel better than ever before, and they have enough more than enough energy to perform any action.

"At a mental level, Cross training & fitness is great, it helps me a lot. When doing functional exercises, you can transfer them to your daily life, for example, when carrying your child, running after a bus, and picking up weights. You don’t know how much it’ll change your life". This is from another dear friend of mine who started going to the gym at 43 years old.

Cross training & fitness at 40 years old

Cross Fitness at age 40 and win competitions

I keep telling you the story of my friend, Gaby. She, like many of those who enter Cross training & fitness, changed her habits completely: with healthy eating, a proper amount of sleep and set aside time to exercise.

The great thing about Gaby was that she went up to the Cross training & fitness three times in the master category and even won one of them.

Her accomplishments include:

2013 –1st Place, Cross training & fitness Games Masters’ Women’s Division, Fittest on Earth Competition

2012 – 3rd Place, Cross training & fitness Games Masters’ Women’s Division, Fittest on Earth Competition

2010 – 2nd Place, Cross training & fitness Games Masters’ Women’s Division, Fittest on Earth Competition

Gaby is a woman full of energy, who has participated in Cross training & fitness is an important sign that there is nothing stopping you from practicing it. You might even win competitions against other great athletes.

This 42-year-old woman started without any experience. His example tells us that yes, you can start at Cross training & fitness after 40 years. Very good and at a professional level.

Gabi Schlicht Cross training & fitness Games Athlete from focusflproductions on Vimeo.


Cross Fitness after 40 and without much experience

For the people who haven’t had much experience in other sports before doing Cross training & fitness and plan to practice it after turning 40, its best to start slowly, and patiently, there’s no need to hurry.

Remember that you don’t have to do everything in one day, the world isn’t going to end! There are people who haven’t exercised in five years and go to the gym 15 days in a row thinking that that won’t hurt their body. 

The body needs a little time to catch up and enter a state of resistance and strength to face these new physical challenges that it isn’t used to.

Also, being honest, at 40 we’re not children anymore. Our muscles are different and it takes us longer to recover. Age doesn’t always hurt though, just remember what I told you about Gaby.

In order for the body to adapt to its new Cross training & fitness routine, there are things that need to be improved: good sleep and nutrition need to be part of your daily routine. Don’t forget to pay attention to your coach, they can always give you advice on healthy living.

Cross training & fitness at 40 years old

There are always new things to learn in Cross training & fitness, as well as in daily life. I’ve been doing Cross training & fitness for three and a half years and I continue to attend the lessons. My guide gives me information about the same exercises that I heard in my first class.

I admit that I must have listened to an exercise at least 100 times paid attention 100 more because you can explain the same exercise 100 times, but with different trainers, you’ll always learn something new about it.

Now, tell us, are you interested in starting to do a physical exercise? Are you 40 years old or do you know another person who wants to start in this sport? Tell us. At Unbrokenshop we are interested in knowing your experience.

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