Murph, a hard workout for CrossFit & fitness fans

Murph, a hard workout for CrossFit & fitness fans

One of the most anticipated tests for CrossFit & fitness lover takes place every last Monday in May, on Memorial Day, in the United States. It is the feared, beloved and longed-for challenge of facing the "Murph".

There is no Cross training & fitness fan who does not know about a hard test that challenges athletes of all levels, who even train a whole year for this type of physical, mental and emotional challenge.

A test where the passionate Cross training & fitness leaves everything and gives everything to reach the goal or at least try because that's what it is: follow and continue to reach the goal. "It's one of the toughest WODs, but the most coveted to perform," describes Cross training & fitness lovers to the Murph challenge.


vest for the Murph Challenge

Murph: a challenge that is not for everyone

When we say that Murph is a challenge, we really say it. That Cross training & fitness lover who has already done this challenge will surely carry in his hands the marks, the traces and the scars registered during this hard training.

These same traces and injuries make these athletes, in the initial or advanced stage, of the Cross training & fitness renew their commitment to overcome their own brand and surpass themselves.

As you can see, the challenge of Murph in Cross training & fitness not only requires hard skills and physical exercises, but also a 100% mental motivation and be convinced that no matter how many times you can fall during the challenge, but get up and follow ahead. It does not matter how much you delay, but the enthusiasm of how to arrive and fulfill it.

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Who was Murph and why is this challenge named after him?

Surely there are those who already know it, but for those who do not the following information will seem very useful and interesting.

Michael Patrick "Murph" Murphy lost his life in a major operation against Al Queda in the country of Afghanistan During the violent shooting, Murph ventured and without caring, only to save the honor of his country, he moved in full field to use your satellite phone, the only means of communication available at that time.

At least three of the men who accompanied the lieutenant and leader of the Navy SEAL also died in that battle. All this courageous action of Murph was awarded posthumously and recognized with the Medal of Honor and the protocols according to their value. It is because of this story that the hard challenge called Murph in honor of this hero is carried out every last Monday of May each year.

 Date: Monday, May 31st 

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What is Murphy's challenge?

The Murphy training, an important event in Cross training & fitness, consists of the following steps:

- Run 1 mile (approximately 1600 meters)
- 100 Pull -Ups
- 200 Push-ups
- 300 Air squats
- Run 1 mile (approximately 1,600 miles)

All these exercises are done with a vest of 20 pounds (9 kilograms approximately) which turns the challenge into one of the dreaded tests for all Cross training & fitness lovers.

It is important to point out that this is Murph's complete challenge, but there are those who make a minor journey, according to their level and what they think they can do. And this is good. Be honest with yourself and what you can achieve. Later on, you can increase your goal. The important thing is never to stop.

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Recommendations for the great challenge Murph

Like any difficult challenge, it requires good training. But in case it is the first time that you will participate in this challenge or you have been doing it for some time, you have to take into account to advance a few and not try to do all the running challenge. Also, you have to look for an adequate rhythm for a period or time interval regularly long.

It also matters the quality, rather than quantity, so you should take good care of the repetitions you make during the Murph challenge. Do not let fatigue crush you! Always give the best of you; however, if you have to stop, listen to your body and do it. Then, continue with your goal.

Do not forget to hydrate yourself a day before this Murph's challenge, as well as intake of carbohydrates and electrolytes. Do not forget that you have to have a balance between running out on a full or empty stomach.

It also uses the best equipment to protect you and make the challenge safely. Do not forget that a good vest, an important part and one of the protagonists of this challenge, will allow you to meet the Murph challenge fully. Remember that you must carry out the arduous challenge with safety and protection.



 A good comfortable and safe vest, be sure that it will inspire you to continue and follow and not think about stopping you. A feeling of feeling that you can with everything.

Do not forget to prepare not only physically, but also mentally. The Murph is a tough challenge and requires a high capacity to overcome any eventual falls to focus on the objective. It does not matter that you do not finish it, but how you do it and how far you get. Trust yourself!

In Unbrokenshop we wanted to give you valuable information for your hard day of Murph. And you're ready for the Murph challenge?

Tell us, how do you come preparing? Do you already have a good vest or do you need to renew it? At Unbrokenshop ( we know and understand your passion for Cross training & fitness, get inspired by reviewing more information about the equipment and accessories you need for this great day of the Murph.


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