Coming back after having Covid-19

Coming back after having Covid-19

More than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic began, I had established a routine, not expecting to catch the virus. I am a very active person. I travel, go to the gym, and I always take care of myself. Even with my precautions I still ended up catching the virus. In this article, I will tell you about my experience returning to my routines after the virus.

I did everything that was recommended; washed my hands frequently, always carried hand sanitizer, and wore a mask. As a lifelong athlete, I have to leave the house to play sports. When gyms closed at the start of the pandemic, I would go to the beach with my wife to run and exercise. In short, I never stayed home. Thank God we had the opportunity to go out and do exercise while staying socially distanced and taking precautions.

One day I had a cold and felt super exhausted so I decided to take a Covid test. The test came back positive, so I had to isolate myself at home.

Thankfully, I had very mild symptoms. The worst part was having to stay at home and miss the gym for an entire two weeks.

The symptoms I had were fatigue for a day, plus a cold and no sense of smell for 3 or 4 days.

If you're a foodie, this is pretty bad, but I'm just happy I was healthy. I thank God because I know that not everyone was as lucky as I was.

Catching Covid was more of a two-week vacation from the gym than anything else. I didn't feel any major change in terms of my body strength. I came back a little out of shape and I had to get back to the rhythm. It didn't affect me much.

I live in Florida and our lifestyle is very social: we go to the beach, the gym, have friends, and get together to eat. I am 52 years old and I never thought of sacrificing my freedom and my life because of an illness. In my personal experience, I think how you handle it depends on each person and how they want to live their life.


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