We continue with the Open 2019

We continue with the Open 2019

You're ready for the 2019 open

We continue with the Open 2019 competition, and this is the time to support this competition and this community, to crash this comp. we have to consider some factors that are very helpful for competitors, and today we want to deal with the issue of safety, of all the care you must take to get you safe and confident in this competition.

Remember that being prepared for a competition does not only consist of aspects such as having trained enough, having the best nutrition and hydration, or having rested well the day before. Are you ready to face the OPEN which is the biggest competition of the year for amateur and pro athletes?

Being prepared also consists of having the necessary protective gear to compete in the Open 2019.

For example, if the workout includes:

  • Box jumps we recommend protecting your self with Shin Sleeves and shin guards to avoid common shin injury.
  • Deadlift, to use a Belt, Strat wrist wrap and shin sleeves 7mm to secure your back your wrist with a good grip and don't shave and scar your shins.
  • Snatch / Clean, you can wear Knee Pads / Belt and Grips wrist wrap combo, keep your knee, back and wrist protected.
  • T2 Bar / Muscles up / Chest to bar, for that we recommend, leather grips or grips wrist wrap combo, don't more ripped palms during the workout.
  • Double-unders a good quality personal Speed ​​Jump Rope will help you to go faster and constantly or just to finally get those Double unders done!.
  • Handstand push up / Wallballs, wrist wrap or grips wrist wrap combo to secure and support your wrist.
  • Back Squad / Overhead Squad/Front squad, to protect back a leather belt for heavyweight and nylon belt for weight and workout combinations, sure your knee Knee wraps for heavy weightlifting and for your wrist wraps always wear wrist wraps.
  • Lunges, a pair of 7mm will keep your knees padding and protected.
  • Thrusters, Knee sleeves, Belt and wrist wraps will do the work to protect and support you need to continue crashing the workout on a safety way.
  • Rope Climb, Shins sleeves 7mm to keep your shins safe without any scar even when you are on your maximum effort.

To be able to take all these protections and not forget anything such a tape food, protein bar, Water etc, we recommend a backpack with space for everything you can imagine that you will need.

We believe that for Cross training & fitness and Functional Training competitions, for this Open 2019 ... You must use products that really give you support and safety, since the safety in this competition is one of the most important factors, so that way you can reach the last workout on the open in good shape, because competing can get to suffer and some injuries, during the comp, you are aware of the time and pressure of the competition, because usually the only thing that interests us is to make the best time, and this way you can lose the form and do the exercise incorrectly, sometimes the aspect of security is often neglected with all the adrenaline of competing and co-workers encouraging you, all that will get you lose a little control, for that reason it is important to prepare yourself and have all the necessary gear to protect your self.

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Remember that it is better to prevent an injury than to cure the injury. Because an injury is not only painful, it will put you out to continuing in the competition and will delay your workouts.

Remember that, we are Champions !!! And we go for everything! Good Luck in this Open 19.2

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