Following the Open 2019

Following the Open 2019

Unbrokenshop 2019 Cross training & fitness Gear from focusflproductions on Vimeo.

Following the open 2019, Time at 19.3.

We have already had two incredible workouts of the Open 19.1 and 19.2, full of emotion and spirit of competition, great athletes very recognized for their great achievements, as well as people who are beginners in the world of Cross training & fitness, who do everything possible and achieve. incredible performances.

If you have missed the Open 19.1 and open 19.2, you can not miss Open 19.3! Well, it will be amazing! Well, look at the best races at your best! And this is what is needed as a reference to realize where you are and how far away.

However, remember that the great athletes at the time of their lives are the principles of the media and the results of them.

Open 2019 comes loaded with a lot of energy and a lot of professionalism.

Following the Open 2019, are you ready for the Open 19.3?

Take the best of this event for your own benefit, evaluate your current position, analyze how you are doing at your training level, make an analysis also of what strategy you are using and remember that you still have three weeks to give your best...

Take the strategy of your favorite athletes, find out what they do to achieve their goals, how they train, how long they train and what their level of resistance is.

The rest is one of the fundamentals of good training, do not neglect it, train hard and rest harder too.
All the details that will help you to be every day better in your discipline within the workout.

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We wish you the best in this Open 19.3

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