What to do when you last in the gym?

What to do when you last in the gym?

In Cross Training and Fitness it’s always best to prevent rather than regret. No one is free from injuries that do worse than a headache to athletes everywhere, so what should we do when we end up injured in the box? Read this Unbrokenshop.com article to find out!

Those who practice cross training and fitness at some point in their life may suffer an injury, weather it be very small or something seriosu that ends with a surgery.

There are different types of injuries, though there are many general recommendations on how to avoid them. Not many athletes know how to handle themselves when injuered so we’re here to help you figure it out.

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There are various types of injuries in Cross Training and Fitness

An athlete jumping into the box may end up with a scratch or a simple injury,  but if the fall is much stronger, they can end up with a broken shin. You would have to be urgently taken to a medical center to be operated.

It’s important that get it checked out with a doctor regardless of how bad the innjury is.. Sometimes we might disregard a small injury, but that’s a big mistake!

The injuries that “aren’t so bad” and "will heal with time" are the ones we should be the most careful about. If we let it be and disregard the pain in two or more workout sessions, it can get get much worse and result in having to stop the routine for a while.

The importance of going to a specialist to address the pain and see improvements in that "small injury” is worth repeating. The medical specialist will tell you what medications or exercises to perform at home or in the box while you recover. That way, you can be careful without having to interrupt your routine.

Pay attention! Advice from your friends in the box and your coach can give you some ways to treat a small injury, but if the wound doesn’t heal the best option is to visit the doctor. There are a lot of cases where we self-medicate and end up just complicating our injuries.

Remember! You can take the recommendations but you should always ask your doctor about them beforehand.

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Don’t train while injured!

Pain in the shoulders and lower back can lead to tendonitis, dislocations or even fractures when weightlifting, or poorly executed another exercise. Excess load and repetition can also cause overloads, sprains and in some cases tears in the knee ligaments.

Exercises such as ring training can lead to anything from calluses or scratches to pains in the wrists that last for a long time.

If the doctor says you have a bad injury, don’t go against it it! Even though you think you’re strong enough to continue doing your workouts in the box. Just relax and do whatever your doctor tell you to in order to get better.

If the doctor told you to rest, for a few days, weeks or even months, you should do it. If you still aren’t sure, you can check with other specialists to confirm your diagnosis. If everyone tells you the same thing, you should go into recovery with patience and tranquility.


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Some guidelines to keep in mind while you’re recovering from an injury is to lower your calorie intake, so you don’t gain a lot of weight. Your body will thank you afterward!

If the injury has happened to you when you were defining however, you’ll have to increase your calorie intake so you don’t lose a lot of muscle. You can visit a nutritionist or consult the diet specialist at your gym. Don't forget to consume protein that can help you maintain your muscle mass.

Always protect yourself...

You should listen to your doctor if they recommend that you reduce the amount of exercises you do while your injury heals. If you injure your triceps or pectoral muscles you can do leg exercises or cardio, if its the twin you can do extensions. Always look out for an exercise that doesn’t use the injured part of your body! There might be one for you.

An athlete who is recovering from an injury is patience, which very few actually have, but now we end up being forced to learn for our own good. If we don’t rest our injured muscles, we might need to rest for much longer than expected.

This leads to us losing much more time than we would have if we had stopped when we were supposed to.

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If the doctor told us to rest, we have to be intelligent and wait the necessary amount of time before we go back to Cross Training and Fitness. Never start if you havent recovered 100%. Consistent medical checkups are important! Apply ice, cream, bandages, medications, or even try stretching or other prescribed for the injured area.

The most important thing is to take care of yourself! The fear that every Cross Training and Fitness athlete has at the time of an injury is that they’re losing days, weeks or even months of training.

Remember that when you’ll have muscle memory when you go back to your routine. It shouldn’t take very long for you to have the strength and rhythm you had before your injury depending on the type of rest that you had been reccomended.


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You already know! Don’t forget to train with the right Cross Training and Fitness products to protect injured areas such as your knees, wrists, or shins... If you didn’t use them before, or you only put them once in a while, now is the perfect time to start. That way, you’ll protect the injured area of ​​your body and the recovery will be much quicker.

At Unbrokenshop we’re taking this opportunity to tell you that we have the best discounts on protective products for your cross training and fitness workouts this season. Now we want to hear from you. Have you suffered any recent injuries? how have you recovered? What other tips or recommendations would you give to athletes who have been forced to rest because of an injury? Tell us about your experience!






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