Why is it import to use protective gear?

Why is it import to use protective gear?

When you go into a gym you’’ll notice that there are athletes that have so much protection on that it looks like they’re going to war. Others have half as much on, and there are even some who do their Cross Training and Fitness without any protive gear at all, how will you train?

How important is it to protect yourself? At Unbrokenshop we’ll explain why you should use protective products tp keep your body safe and secure during intense training. 

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The human body is a wonderful machine

The first thing to understand is that the human body is similar to a fine tuned machine that needs to be guarded and kept up with. Our body is designed to perform some exercises and physical activities, ranging from mild to the strenuous.

However, when the body takes these activities father than usual, for example doing intense cross training and fitness routines, it is important to have support that will help you stay safe.

Cross Training and Fitness, Unbrokenshop, beunbrokenshop

“These workouts we are going to be hard on your muscles, skin, and body in general. In this situation its better to have something to complement your body during exercise. In this way, hand protectors, shins, knee pads or belts help give more support to the joints and back. It allows us to abuse, so to speak, a little more of our body, ” explains a coach consulted by Unbrokenshop.

They say that what is taken care of lasts longer, for example if we want to preserve and keep our lounge chairs in optimal care, we can buy protective blankets to cover them up. When we have an important visit or simply want to take the blanket off, and wear them when we feel like it. We can remove the protectors from the sofa and then notice that they look well cared for.

There are those who also protect their cell phones, kitchen utensils or other objects, be it in the office or at home, to keep it in good care. This helps them last longer and maintain better performance of its function.

A similar situation occurs in our bodies when we practice cross training and fitness. If we can protect furniture and devices why can’t we protect ourselves? with the right protection we guarantee that our bodies trains without interruptions, or setbacks. 

Cross Training and Fitness, Unbrokenshop, beunbrokenshop

When is the ideal time to protect ourselves? 

Should wait until our hands peel or our joints hurt for us to protect ourselves? Given that the Cross Training and Fitness routines are so rigorous, its best to not wait until the last minute or even after you suffer an injury, fall in the box or have bad body pain to start protecting yourself properly. We should prevent injuries before they happen before we regret not doing that later on.

We have to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that we need to protect ourselves in the face of these challenging exercises.

The key is think before you act. That way, we will be ready to continue supporting these strenuous routines with the right products, in the size we want and the design that we like in order to keep us motivated. We know there are some scray workoutswith 100 or even 120 repetitions. We have to stay prepared!

For example, the knee pads provide the athlete with compression and support, as well as firmness in the joints when we overwork them in exercises such as weightlifting. If we do workouts hanging from a bar, the part of our body that is in the most danger of being injuered is our hands. You see? Its better to have good support than not.

Cross Training and Fitness, Unbrokenshop, beunbrokenshop

Its better to be safe than sorry

“We don't want to tell athletes that they’ll definitley be injuered in they don’t use protective equipment. Someone can spend a lifetime without using anything and be perfectly helpful. We however do believe that if we use these products, we will be much better prepared for physical injury,”explains the couch consulted for this blog.

Would you prefer to be cured, or to not get sick at all? At Unbrokenshop we believe that its better to prevent an injury with protective products, than to have to heal it or go through something more drastic like an operation or months of rest and rehabilitation.

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Lets say; we’re a friend who loves cross training and fitness tell you its better to prevent any injury or pain in the body with products that strengthen joints and support the body a little more when you work yourself really hard.

Finally, you decide; do you prefer to continue training without protection until you have pain or try to prevent injuries with the products we offer at Unbrokenshop? What do you think?

Tell us which protective equipment you use the most or which one you find most comfortable. If you don't use them, why? Do you have problems doing your routine without protection?.

By the way, don’t forget to stop by our online store where we have the best protection products for you! knee pads, belts, hand protectors, shin protectors, among others. Better quality, better training, better life. Revolutionize your routine with Unbrokenshop!


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