Couples workout, good or not?

Couples workout, good or not? Weight Vest for the best WOD experience from focusflproductions on Vimeo.

When we exercise, we usually don’t see men and women working out together. This is a very common situation is very common and I’ve even noticed that of 10 couples who go to my gym, none of them work out next to each other.

I imagine this occurs happens for a very basic reason. One of the biggest contributing factors is the amount of weight that someone can handle based on how strong they are. Sometimes, couples even go to the gym at different times which isn’t bad, as it gives them their own space and time to spend with other friends.

Men generally choose someone with around the same strength as them so that they can share weights execute their workouts fully without any problems.

Sharing a routine with someone of the same sex is much easier than sharing a routine with your significant other. This is practical because you avoid inconvenience the of changing your routine.

I was one of those people. Every time I went to the gym, I almost never shared workouts with my wife. She did her routines with her friends and I did my routine with mine.

One day my wife told me "we should workout together". So we tried it out with me jumping while holding on to her as she was in a plank position. I had to jump from side to side and she had to handle my weight. When we did this workout, I saw her get a little tired.

Then, the coach came and said: "support your husband!". It was very encouraging. He told me "support your wife!", "get stronger!" or "hang in there!". These words made me realize this is not just a simple workout.

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These words made me feel like I had to protect my partner! In this case, she had to endure my weight and support me. This is also great for our daily lives because if we had a situation tomorrow in which my wife has to give me support she’ll be very prepared for it.

By working out together, we learn a lot from being under pressure as a couple. In the event of an extreme situation, we’ll have a better idea of how to have each other's backs.

I almost always think that I am someone who has to protect my partner and it doesn’t always have to be that way. The words of the couch made me see that.

Because of how our exceptional coach helped us in this situation, I think we will work out as a couple much more often. Its a brand new way for us to spend time together! We recommend that everyone does more training with their partner, while acknowledging the level they’re at and how far they can resist.

By doing a routine as a couple, we can share advice and tips to improve each other’s workouts. You can also share knowledge such as techniques or make corrections if either of us is performing an exercise incorrectly.

It is also important that we observe how the other person responds under pressure since the routine has to be completed in less time.

By working together can achieve a common goal. It is very beneficial to continue improving in workouts the same way we improve in life itself. The most important thing is feeling the support of being a couple while doing anything together, especially a workout!

Aiming for a mutual goal where you will be pressed for time together, and achieving this goal together can be very satisfying. Mutual support is crucial if you want to improve!

What do you think about working out with your partner in the gym? Have you tried it? How was your experience? If you have any comments or feedback be sure to let us know.

Happy Valentine's day!


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