Achieving your goals training

Achieving your goals training

What do you want to achieve by doing cross training and fitness? A coach has asked me this only once in all my years of doing cross training and it changed my entire goal for the sport.

I was asked this question during my third year of cross training. Even after all these years that I have been doing the sport, no other couch has asked what I want.

This question surprised me and ended up staying in my head all day, because my coaches had never asked me that before. Everyone was assuming what reasons I had for going to the gym, but nobody asked me what my reasons actually were.

For me and many others, there is an endless list of reasons. For example, I wanted to to have a good figure and participate in demanding competitions. They assumed that I went to the gym to look good and compete, but nobody was as objective as this couch that asked me what I wanted to achieve before I started.

Cross Training and fitness

The importance of rethinking our goals

Why do you do cross training? This is a fundamental question for everyone! What is your objective in doing this routine? Maybe you’re just trying to look good and aren’t interested in competing or knowing the exercise techniques in detail and making progress in your routines by lifting more weights and doing repetitions.

Others go to lose weight, which would fall into the category of trying to look good. There are those who go because they are already on an higher level and want to participate in competitions.

And if, after three years, doing cross training, I was surprised by this question, I imagine that each one may surprise you. Every day we go to the gym as if we were a machine. Don't you think that a rethinking of your goals would be good for you? What is my goal of going to the gym and what are we doing to get it?

Cross Training and fitness

Putting together a plan to reach your goals

There are people who go to the gym every day because they think of it as a break, because it clears their minds a bit. If you rethink your goals, maybe you can increase the amount that you go to three days a week and have the rest of the days be dedicated to your social life. You can visit friends, call them, or even go on a date with your partner! Make life more fun by sharing parts of your exercises with your social life.

There are many alternatives, from golf to shooting practice. You can also devote time to fixing household items, and cooking healthy food.

You can train harder depending on what your objctive is. Instead of going 6 days a week, try going the extra day to finish off the full 7!

Instead of taking up to six months to fully tone your abs, try setting it as a goal for two and a half months. You can achieve this by going to the gym will go 6 or 7 times a week instead of the amount you were going earlier.

You have to be aware of your objective, make the plan, then execute it. Weather your objective is to look good, compete, or train, this is the way to go.

I was surprised by the coach asking me what I want, why I go to the gym, and what my goals are. This question can be vital and change your pace of life just life they did for me. Consider trying out a workout plan that fits your own needs in cross training! The results might be what you were looking for.

Sometimes you don't realize that you’re doing things just because you have to do them. I get up at 7 am; if I have to go to the gym, I do it; then I either go to work or go home and have breakfast; I check my email; then I begin to work.

Or I could go in the afternoon where I could go to the gym, return home, prepare dinner and get a good night’s sleep so I’m ready to get up early the next day and repeat the routine.

At times we begin to function like machines without realizing, because it has become just another part of our daily routine. At some point we get tired of these routines and don't understand why. From time to time, I consider how important it is to rethink, not only in the gym, but also in life. What goal do you want to achieve next?

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Remember, always consult professionals such an RD Registered Dietitian, MD Doctors, Coaches, etc., for more information.

Let us know your experience; let's share it to encourage new people to bring the sport to their lives.


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