Coronavirus; protect yourself at the gym

Coronavirus; protect yourself at the gym

The recent spread of the coronavirus namedCOVID-19has become a worldwide issue. The disease is most prominent in its country of origin, China which has registered 80,000 cases to date.

Despite this, the World Health Organization (WHO) has urged the public to stay calm. They are stressing the fact that 80% of Coronavirus cases are mild and, that officials are already working on developing vaccines and antivirals.

It has been recommended that every country take large preventive measures to minimize the spread of this disease.

You might be asking yourself,Is it still safe to go to the gym if I want to avoid Coronavirus?. This is an understandable concern but maybe you shouldn’t stop going to the gym just yet.

Everyone must continue to live their regular life while being much more cautious about the spread of germs. There’s a lot of potentially harmful microorganisms on the surface of any object used in the gym, not just Coronavirus!.

Here are some recommendations on how to stay healthy in the gym:

1. If you have something like the flu which causes discomfort, you should stay at home. Right now you definitely shouldn’t be at the gym! If you come down with any known symptoms of Coronavirus, you must go to the doctor and explain where you were and who you were with during the last few days.

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2. Don’t high-five your partner! Most people like to congratulate their partners during team workouts, but we should avoid doing it physically. It may be less friendly, but its also a lot safer.

3. At the moment, it's best to avoid greeting people with your hands. In the box, we usually express affection and recognition towards our cross-training friends with hugs, and handshakes, however right now we should follow the WHO recommendation to limit physical contact.

4. We usually want to be nice and polite the judged of our competitions but we should generally avoid shaking their hands because of the health risk. You can still be friendly and greet them without physical contact, at least for now.

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5. Avoid drinking drinks from the same glass or eating the same food. Maybe you are one of those who share their water or some type of drink or supplement with others in the box. Well, for prevention measures, you should stop doing it. Explain to your box mates the reason, in fact, without knowing this recommendation, they will understand. The same with fruits and other foods. It is also better to eat with own utensils.

6. Wash your hands! Upon entering and leaving the box, you should clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wash them with soap and water for a minimum of 30 seconds. Touching your face after touching contaminated surfaces or sick people is one of the easiest ways that coronavirus can be transmitted so don't forget to have your cleaning kit with towels, soap, shampoo any other products that help keep you clean. That way, you can wash your hands or bathe without problems and you won't need to lend yourself these personal items in the box.

7. Make sure you clean the equipment before and after your routine! Don’t forget to have disinfecting wipes or ask someone at the box to give you one to clean the bars, weights, jump ropes, and any other equipment that you may use. That way all the equipment in the gym is clean and safe to use for everyone. We should all be careful and always leave the machines we use in good condition, along with consistently washing our hands and not touching our eyes, mouth or nose.

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8. Be extra careful when you cough and sneeze. Sometimes when you’re in the gym talking with a group of friends, you get the sudden urge to sneeze and don’t have time to cover it up. We have to be more careful! This not only prevents the spread of coronavirus, but it also protects you from other viruses and diseases that can be spread in the same way.

9. The virus has a higher mortality rate in people over 60 years old and with preexisting disease. If you’re feeling sick, it's important to stay at home and not stay in places where a large number of people are concentrated, such as in gyms to not put others at risk. If you’re not feeling sick, you should be able to continue training. knee sleeves 7mm for Cross from focusflproductions on Vimeo.

10. Should I wear a mask in the gym? No. The use of masks does not stop anyone from getting infected with the coronavirus. Masks are only effective in keeping those who have COVID-19 from spreading it to others. Its also used by doctors and nurses in risk areas who are exposed to many people, some of whom may be someone infected. On the other hand, masks have a limited time of effectiveness, because as soon as they get wet they no longer help.

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The information provided hereby us at Unbrokenshop is based on the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). If you feel any symptoms of this disease you should go to the nearest medical center and get tested. Stay safe!


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