Don't Kill My Knees

Don't Kill My Knees

The human body is a machine. You don’t need much to lead an everyday life and do basic exercises, however, those of us who practice cross-training tend to strain out bodies more by doing long routines and carrying lots of weights. While the human body is strong, it isn't fully prepared for the intensity of certain exercises.

While these exercises are intense, knee sleeves can help you get through them! They help protect you by performing three basic functions: prevent injuries, provide support and help heal. Read the rest of the article for further details.

How do knee pads help prevent injuries?

Thanks to the neoprene and 7 mm width, our knee pads provide more support throughout the knee joints and help your knees better withstand tension during exercises.

Our knee pads also prevent the kneecap from dislocating, making sure that your knees aren’t under too much pressure. This gives you a greater sense of security and confidence when doing your routines.

Another preventative measure is that our knee pads always keeps the knee warm, which prevents it from cooling down while you’re resting in between exercises. That way you’ll be ready to get back to work without having to warm up again.

Our Unbrokenshop knee pads also work great with our knee wraps! By placing the wraps above the knee pads, you’ll get much more support when during your exercise routines.

It also provides support ...

Thanks to their 7mm thickness, our knee pads provide an extra bounce that is perfect for exercises like back squats. This means you’ll feel an extra push when you’re getting back up.

You get much stronger support when you use knee sleeves and knee wraps at the same time than when you use them alone. This type of support is even used by professionals and Olympic athletes due to the amount of weight they have to list, and they’re perfect for your routine, WODs, and competitions.

You might be asking yourself, how does it help the healing process?

Not many people know it, but our knee pads have been able to heal your knees after training. For example, if your knees hurt after an exercise, once you get home you can take a shower and then put on your kneepad.

This provides warmth that allows any swelling to go down. The knee wraps also have compression properties, which allow blood to flow better through your knees, which is beneficial for recovery and pain relief.

In conclusion, are these knee pads necessary or not? At Unbrokenshop we recommend these knee pads for your routines, but having them is not mandatory since you can still exercise without using them.

However, they do provide a lot of helpful support! They help you have a much faster recovery while eliminating discomfort, reducing inflammation and providing support for all the strains from the gym. knee sleeves 7mm for  from focusflproductions on Vimeo.

Let us know! Do you use knee pads during your routines? How do you protect yourself in the box? Why do you think it's important to use them? Share your experience with us.

We recommend consulting a specialist for any severe knee pain to be sure of the seriousness of the problem.


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