Tips to work out your legs

Tips to work out your legs

A lot of men don’t like to “waste” time working their legs because they think these exercises are only for women. We spoke with personal trainer Betto Urrego, a specialist in Cross training and fitness who gave us several tips that you can use to not end up with a sculpted chest and chicken legs.

You shouldn’t do squats just because people tell you to. This is one of the best functional exercises there is that should top the list of any routine. It not only helps you develop and strengthen your legs but also works out all the muscles of the body.

The excuse for not doing squats because your knees are injuered has a simple solution. Betto Urrego says that squatting with the right technique helps him improve the stability of his legs, along with strengthening them.

The idea that only women should have good is not true. If you didn't know already, women also like men with tight pants, thick legs and a toned bodies.

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Its not easy to go from having thin legs to thick, toned ones. Its crucial to follow up and be consistent. Its always better to go from doing less to doing more in order to avoid injuries.

Don’t pretend to be the Arnold Schwarzenegger of your gym and who works out without any help. You can use your body weight, pulleys, dumbbells, bars or TRX, cross training and fitness techniques.


Remember that you need consistency in your exercise routines, a good diet, and a good night’s sleep in order for you to achieve your fitness goals.


Let us know your experience; lets share it to encourage new people to bring the sport to their lives.

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Author: Alberto "Beto" Urrego

Professional crossfit specialist 


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