What happen after 2 weeks break?

What happen after 2 weeks break?

You might think that if you stop training for two weeks, nothing will happen to him but unfortunately that’s not true. 

Most people want to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a toned body, but the truth is that only a few succeed.

Personal trainer Betto Urrego, a Cross Training and Fitness specialist, tells us some things that happen when you stop exercising for two weeks. Remember that not only can you get fat, but you may also have severe pain and trouble sleeping.

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You’ll be burning fewer calories than usual. If you continue to overeat while you have stopped exercising for two weeks, you will most likely begin to gain weight faster than usual.

Cross Training and Fitness

  • Stopping your exercise routine might increase stress levels to the point where you can't stand it.

Cross Training and Fitness

  • Your heart rate and blood pressure will also be affected. The most important thing when returning to the routine is to do it as if you were just starting out. You cannot return as if you had never stopped because that will bring other health problems. 

Let us know your experience; lets share it to encourage new people to bring the sport to their lives.

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Author: Alberto "Beto" Urrego

Professional crossfit specialist 


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