Murph a fun workout

Murph a fun workout

Murph is a beloved and highly anticipated competition for Cross-training & fitness lovers that takes place every Memorial Day in the United States.

Many Cross-training & fitness fans are familiar with the challenges faced by the athletes, both beginning and experienced, who will train an entire year for the physical, mental, and emotional challenge they will face during Murph.

Murph is an extraordinary test where those most passionate about Cross-training & fitness give everything they have to achieve their goals. "It's one of the toughest WODs, but the most coveted to perform," describes one Cross-training & fitness athlete.  

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Murph: a challenge that isn’t for everyone

When we say that Murph is a challenge, we mean it. Those who have already done this challenge will surely carry with them the scars earned during this hard training.

Their injuries make these athletes renew their commitment to Cross-training & fitness and allow them to overcome their brand and surpass themselves.

As you can see, the challenge of Murph not only requires hard skills and physical exercises, but also 100% mental motivation and the belief that no matter how many times you fall during the challenge, you can get up and follow ahead. An enthusiastic attitude matters the most and helps ensure success.

Who was Murph and why is this challenge named after him?

Surely some already know, but for those who don’t the following information is very interesting and good to know.

Michael Patrick "Murph" Murphy lost his life in a major operation against Al Queda in Afghanistan. During the violent shooting, Murph moved into the field to use the satellite phone, the only means of communication available at that time, to defend the honor of his country.

murph, cross training, workout, workouts

At least three other men who accompanied the lieutenant and leader of the Navy SEALS also died in that battle. The courageous action of Murph was awarded posthumously and recognized with the Medal of Honor.

It is because of this story that the difficult challenge, named Murph in honor of this hero, is carried out every last Monday of May each year.

What is Murphy's challenge?

The training for Murph consists of the following exercises:

- Run 1 mile (approximately 1600 meters)

- 100 Pull-Ups

- 200 Push-ups

- 300 Air squats

- Run 1 mile (approximately 1,600 miles)

All of these exercises are done with a vest that weighs 20 pounds (9 kilograms) which turns it into one of the most challenging tests for all Cross-training & fitness lovers.

It is important to point out that Murph’s challenge is very difficult but some people make adjusments for it to better suit their skill level. If you acknowledge your limitations, it wil;l be easier for you to continue to better yourself.

Like any difficult challenge, Murph requires a lot of training. If this is your the first time participating in this challenge, you should avoid trying to complete the entire running challenge. You have build an adequate rhythm that works well for you in order to reach your full running poetential.

Murph, cross training, workouts

During Murph challenge, it is important to put quality or quantiy when it comes to exercises. Don’t get fatigued! Always give it your all; however you should know your limitations. You can always take a break, and try again later.

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself the day before Murph challenge along with a good intake of carbohydrates and electrolytes. You must also remember to keep a balance between running on a full stomach and empty one.

It also important to have the best protective gear with you during this challenge. Don’tt forget that a good vest will allow you to meet Murph challenge in full. Remember that its important to stay safe and protected while carrying out this arduous challenge.

A safe, comfortable vest is sure to inspire while you’re facing this strenuous challenge. The additional protection gives you the security you need to go the distance.

Don’t forget that you need to be prepared not only physically, but mentally as well. Murph is a tough challenge that requires a extensive focus to overcome. It doesn’t matter if you don’t finish, what matters is the effort that you put in while you’re competing.

We here at Unbrokenshop wanted to give you our best advice for your the difficult challenge ahead. Are you read for Murph challenge?

Let us know, how are you preparing? Do you already have a good vest? At Unbrokenshop ( we understand your passion for Cross-training & fitness. Get inspired by reviewing more information about the equipment and accessories you need for a great day of Murph.


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