Strategies and tips for the OPEN 20

Open 2020

As you know, every NEW season of Cross Training and Fitness Games starts with the Open. Did you know that the Open beings on October 10? Look at your calendar! There’s less than a month left until it starts so make sure you don’t miss out!

If you participated in the last Open, you may have a message in your mailbox so you can participate again. If you only recently started to think about participating this year, and the announcement caught you off guard, its ok!

As usual there will be about five weeks of suffering. The WODs will be announced every Friday morning and you’ll have until Monday to execute the exercises and upload their results to the official website.

Next, we offer you the calendar of the Open details:

- 20.1: October 10th-14th

- 20.2: October 17th-21st

- 20.3: October 24th-28th

- 20.4: October 31st-November 4th

- 20.5: November 7th-11th

After all this introduction, pay attention and pick up some strategies, tricks and tips that we’re giving you at Unbrokenshop so that you can make it through the first phase of the open.

OPEN 2020


If you want a competitive plan for the Open 20, then you know that it’s going to get horribly hard very fast. You can go at a slow pace, but not for too long, because if you don’t speed up, you’ll end up behind the competition. 

The most important thing is to look for a good rhythm that you can maintain. The first day may have WODs that seem simple, but they are killers if you do keep doing them the entire Open. If you burst into the first round of burpees and box jumps and can’t do shoulders or lunges, you’re going to get stuck

Instead, look for a rhythm that allows you to move constantly while holding your breath. Breathing is the key! Use everything you have up until you can’t try any harder. That way, you’re guaranteed to get far in the Open. 

For exercises like burpees and the box jump, which always appear in this competition, just try to keep a steady pace for as long as possible. Practice makes perfect! 

Now for the exercises in the box, you don't need to overextend yourself. You can duck in order to save time and keep your legs from getting tired.

OPEN 2020

Another tip so that you don’t mess up your shoulder is to keep what jumps into the box as soon as possible and minimize the force you use just in case you need to do burpees. How will you prepare?

In the case of snatches, don’t forget to control your descent, and have your other hand ready to catch the dumbbell. When you have to do several exercises with dumbbells, don't start off the on floor.

It won’t get you anywhere in the Open. It can destroy your grip, your shoulders, and your lunges, which really hurts your chances of winning. The tactic will always be to move consistently while keeping your breath under control. 

Don’t forget to protect yourself with knee pads, belts, vests, hand and shin protectors in order to exercise your Open workouts without problems and do all the repetitions that you think are convenient for you to upload in your video on the official website. You should know this by now, but it’s good to keep in mind.

Other important points to consider

These are other recommendations that you have to keep in mind to be ready for the 20 Open. The first tip is that you must feed yourself very well. Consume a good dose of carbohydrates during the day to have a healthy energy reserve and be able to make it through those last five minutes of the WOD properly. 

Don’t forget the warmup! This is vitally important. You have to make sure you perform joint movements and warm up the muscles you will use during the workout, as well as raise your body temperature. A little time on the bike or doing burpees would be good to heat up your body. 

Identify the resting points within your routines and make them fast, you don’t have to reach a point where you’re spending 15 seconds with your hands on your knees because 5-7 seconds is a reasonable time to rest. Remember to plan your breaks! Don’t let the workout tell you when you have to rest, always impose them strategically.  

OPEN 2020

And let's not forget that… the transitions must be very fast! Everyone who has been practicing cross training & fitness for a while knows it. 

It won’t help you to do the workouts for each date of the Open if you arrive at the rower like a snail and sit down for 15 seconds taking in air without trying to move those calories. Bring the paddle as close as possible to the area where you will do your other exercises to save time and energy. Open from focusflproductions on Vimeo.



To participate in the Open, you must register online through the official website of the event: You can do it from now until October 10th. You have to fill in your details and pay the online registration fee. The cool thing about this year is that you can, in addition to your card, use PayPal or Apple Pay as a payment method. 

Remember the challenges you will go through and the limits you put on yourself, someone who loves Cross Training and Fitness. Don't compare yourself with other athletes, just be yourself. Compete against your own records! If in the last Open it wasn’t good for you, try your best to make this one better.

OPEN 2020

Don’t get depressed if the results aren’t what you wanted. Just the participating and the training that you put in means you’re already winning and creating your own style. So, don't forget to always go for more!

Are you ready for the new Open season? Tell us in the comments section! If you have not already done so, go to to get your own material and face the challenging WODs of the Open 20.



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