Does size matter?

Does size matter?

When you go to your Cross Training and Fitness classes in the gym you’ll usually encounter athletes of different sizes and weights because as human beings, we are all different. How do the measurements of your body affect how you practice a routine?

Does it help some exercises to be tall or short, or is that just a myth? These questions and more are those we address in this blog. Take a look!

As we know, Cross Training and Fitness is used to strengthen the body by combining weightlifting, gymnastics, cardio activities, and more. For example, working with weights is something that benefits most people.

Whether you dream of winning a bodybuilding competition, looking more slender, or just want to tone your body, working with weight is one of the most efficient ways to build muscle.

The days where you needed to lift logs to build muscle are gone. If you start Cross Training and Fitness you can have all the benefits that we’ve mentioned.

Cross Training & Fitness

What we’re describing now is the reality of what we find in any gym where Cross Training and Fitness is practiced. Let's get started! It’s a normal day and the coach explains the workout, training of the day, and the exercises that they involve.

Everyone is extremely enthusiastic, some have more experience, some come in with great health, while some have injuries, but there is also something else that differentiates them; size and weight. These variables are extremely important when performing Cross Training and Fitness training exercises. 


I’ll tell you what happened with my partner Tatiana. She is 4’11, a small young woman but super agile. In her Cross Training and Fitness routines, she competes with men and women larger than her. One of the Cross Training and Fitness exercises in which she said she’s at a disadvantage is in weightlifting. 

The 5’11 athlete who also trains with her will perform this routine much faster while carrying more weight. We’ll never tell Tatiana and other athletes of her size that they can’t do the weightlifting, but they know it'll be tougher on their bodies. 

Another routine that may also be good for those bigger than 5'11 is that of pull-ups. Although Tatiana told me that she knows that to emerge victorious from this type of Cross Training and Fitness routine, she has to acknowledge that her other fellow athletes who are bigger do not find it as difficult as she does. 


Cross Training & Fitness

"In the end, the challenge is with oneself. Sometimes, if I try the comparison is inevitable, but finally, I come back to myself and I understand that all the achievements that I get, will only have an impact on myself and it will be for my benefit," says Tatiana. 

In the end, we must remember that we are the ones who set our limits, so let's keep going! According to the experiences of others found in the gym, one of the biggest advantages for larger people is being able to throw a 20-pound ball in the air while hitting the target. At this point, we see that Tatiana has a point. 

"Obviously the person who is 5'11of is going to have an easier time hitting the target than the person who is 4'11. That shows that the person who is 4'11 is also going to have to use much more force to throw that ball father than the person who is 5'11 which would be a disadvantage”, she said. 

Cross Training & Fitness


We've talked about certain disadvantages that smaller athletes who do Cross Training and Fitness would have, but there are also many upsides!

In the same Cross Training and Fitness workouts, there are combinations of routines that involve weights and classic gymnastic movements.

For the latter, it's proven that a person with a smaller stature, who isn't so tall is at an advantage. Some gymnastic exercises used in Cross Training and Fitness are push-ups, muscle-ups, and T2B.

Cross Training & Fitness

Anyone can see that most of those who go to the gym are people of normal size or below average size. Why is this?

Tatiana tells us: "Because I would believe that muscle mass is concentrated in one place and it's much easier for them (those of smaller stature) to do these movements and gymnastics exercises. They have good muscle mass, on a smaller surface, unlike a tall person".

Cross Training and Fitness Hard Shin guards protection by from focusflproductions on Vimeo.


Once all this is explained, you may ask your friends who do Cross Training and Fitness if they think that the weight load in competitions should be regulated according to muscle mass and height like in the Olympics. Do you think that gymnastic exercises should be regulated so that people have equal opportunity despite their size? If not, how do you think it should be balanced?

Do you think all the rules are right? Tell us what you think about it! At Unbrokenshop we want to know what you think, does size matter?


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